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What Makes a Good 4×4?

Published by on October 29, 2013 under Cars

What Makes a Good 4x4It’s amazing how the changing weather can have such an effect on buying patterns. When the sun comes out, everyone wants a convertible car, a new bikini and some new sunglasses, and when it goes away, we’re crying out for winter coats, hand warmers and four-wheel drive cars,so we can cope with all the puddles!

The fact of the matter is, whether you’re buying a 4×4 to cope with the harsh weather conditions, or because you need one to get around the undulating, muddy fields, there are tons of pick-up trucks for sale – it’s just a case of finding the right one. There are all kinds of reviews telling you to buy this one and avoid that one, but what actually makes a good 4×4?

There are five key areas to investigate to help you establish what makes the difference between a 4×4 one that will negotiate tricky conditions and one that will get stuck in the first muddy field it encounters.

The first area is the decision as to whether you genuinely need a 4×4, or whether you just like the concept or styling. If you are aiming to use the vehicle for work purposes, like towing a trailer or moving feed from one barn to another, then yes, you probably will need the benefits of a four-wheel drive vehicle. If you have a family to taxi around, a 4×4 can also be incredibly useful, offering excellent safety features and more space than ever before.

Your second consideration is over the type of engine – petrol, diesel or the modern hybrid. This is a dilemma faced by all customers looking to buy a new vehicle, as each has its own benefits. In relation to a good four-wheel drive vehicle, however, a diesel is your best option as it would – on average – give you nearer 50mpg as opposed to much nearer the 30mpg mark from a petrol engine in the same vehicle.

Thirdly, you need to consider your budget. Pick-ups and other 4×4 vehicles are often more expensive to service because of the increased number of moving parts that will need repairing, and because of their sheer size – both externally and under the bonnet. Look for a manufacturer that offers a good warranty so that you can be assured of the vehicle’s quality and know that you won’t be paying out huge sums for repairs.

Next, you need to establish whether the vehicle is genuinely capable of going off-road. If it is, like a pick-up, then you’re looking at a good 4×4 motor that is going to be of benefit to you. They have tyres and suspension that are designed specifically for coping with difficult terrain.

Finally, like with all vehicles, you need to make sure that it won’t break down. Do your research before you buy. Read online reviews from people who own the same vehicle, so you get reliable, honest opinions. A good 4×4 will go on and on for years and have very few problems or time in the repair shop.

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