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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

Published by on February 8, 2011 under Home

The following are our ten affordable Valentine’s Day ideas for you.

1. Pink Vodka in Diamond Bottle With 22-Carat Gold Flakes

Valentines Day Ideas for Her gold vodka pink vodka

Called the 22 Carat Vodka, this beautiful gift for cocktail fans is actually pink German vodka in a diamond-shaped bottle wrapped in a gold mesh bag. It provides 500ml of vodka of 38.9% alc. Vol. with shimmering 22-carat gold flakes and you can find it at Firebox at a price of £39.99.

2. Chocolate Roses

Valentines Day Ideas for Her chocolate roses

Why not to surprise your girl with a romantic bouquet of twelve beautiful red roses hiding milk chocolates? This way you can show her how much you adore her and, at the same time, give her the most appreciated desert in the world. The red foils reveal twelve milk chocolate blooms.

The One Dozen Chocolate Roses gift is available at Firebox for £39.99, but if you don’t have that much money you can go for the cheaper version of four chocolate roses available for £8.99.

3. Sparkling Wine With Real Gold Flakes

Valentines Day Ideas for Her sparkling wine

A nice bottle of sparkling wine is always a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for couples, but this fruit-flavored sparkling wine is not ordinary, as it has 22-carat gold flakes in it. You can find it in 200ml or 750ml versions, in Original, Rose and Strawberry flavors.

Sparkling Gold Cuvée can be purchased from Firebox for £11.99 and £29.99, respectively.

4. Hot Scented Boots

Valentines Day Ideas for Her microwaveable boots hot boots

It is known that many women have problems with blood circulation in their feet. I am one of them and would appreciate a pair of these boots to keep my feet warm in cold winter days.

The Hot Boots come in pink and are microwaveable, meaning you only need to keep them in the microwave for about two minutes to warm your feet. They are also lavender-scented and you can find them at Iwantoneofthose at £18.99.

5. Massage Cushion

Valentines Day Ideas for Her massage cushion

The Massage Cushion is described as being as comfortable as regular cushions, but coming with a special massage motor for your head and neck. It comes in a compact shape to be easy to carry anywhere and powers from three AA batteries to produce relaxing vibrations.

The burgundy version seems to be a nice and affordable Valentine’s Day. The cushion is available at Iwantoneofthose for £14.99.

6. Heat-Sensitive Mug With Love Message

Valentines Day Ideas for Her heat sensitive mug love mug

The heat-sensitive mug is a simple Valentine’s Day gift idea, but helps when you don’t have much money to spend for surprising the one you love. The love mug here is decorated with lots of tiny red hearts and reveals a special love message when heated. One can use it for tea, coffee, milk, water and other drinks. You can get one from Iwantoneofthose for £8.99.

7. Soap Roses

Valentines Day Ideas for Her soap rose petals bath soap

One way to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day evening is to relax in your bath tub surrounded by red rose petals and candles. Instead of real roses you could use these beautiful scented soap roses that slowly dissolve in water. They can be spread on the water in the original form or you can use only the petals. Each box includes nine soap rose buds of 4 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm and you can get yours from Iwantoneofthose for £4.99.

8. Magic Sakura Tree

Valentines Day Ideas for Her magic tree paper tree sakura tree

This magic tree is a great desktop ornament. It’s magic because if you sprinkle with the included magic water it starts blooming and can stay like that for one month.

The 13.5-cm magic tree is inspired by Japanese Sakura Trees and made from special paper. You can find it at Iwantoneofthose at a price of £9.99.

9. Tao Digital Photo Keyring

Valentines Day Ideas for Her digital photo keyring

A digital photo keyring like Tao is an affordable gift for Valentine’s Day and a special one, at the same time, if you transfer on it photos with you and her. The little gadget can hold up to 99 photos displayed in slideshow on the 1.5-inch color LCD display. It has clock function and backlight. Photos can be transferred via USB and it also charges via USB while connected to the computer. Gizoo sells it for £9.95.

10. Swarovski Jewelery

Valentines Day Ideas for Her swarovski jewelery

Recently, launched this year’s edition of the Valentine’s Day Collection in a new catalog where you can browse through many eye-catching Valentine’s Day ideas. Some of the new items can be seen in the image above.

You can pick the red sport watch, a dark red ring, the beautiful silver bangle with large butterfly, a red rose figurine, a ballpoint pen with lots of tiny white crystals, the Erika pendant in fuchsia, a heart-shaped keyring, a pair of gold-plated earrings or the Loveheart Fuchsia Pendant.

Happy shopping!

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