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Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Published by on July 9, 2011 under Beauty

The last accessory we add to complete our outfit before leaving home is the perfume. We all know that a perfume has an interesting effect on both the wearer and the other people around and helps making a nice impression wherever we go as people tend to associate a nice smell with a quality person.

We choose our perfume based on how we feel after applying it on the skin, but the final decision is influenced, among other things, by the bottle. That’s why we decided to pick the most eye-catching bottles of perfume launched last year.

Chopard Brilliant Wish

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

It’s maybe the most popular perfume bottle launched last year, looking like a precious jewel. Inspired by the shape of a diamond, Chopard created Brilliant Wish, a transparent recipient with golden elements and horizontal orientation. It’s based on the success of Wish, launched back in 2007, and symbolizes the wish coming true. The floral-oriental fragrance combines jasmine and fruits with pink peppercorn, amber and woody notes.

Donna Karan DKNY Delicious Candy Apple

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

DKNY Delicious Candy Apple comes in three versions. There is the green DKNY Delicious Candy Apple Sweet Caramel smelling like apples, flowers, caramel and vanilla, while the Candy Apple Ripe Raspberry coming in delicious red has a fragrance defined by green apple, flowers and raspberry. The third bottle in the series looking like baked apples, is the purple DKNY Delicious Candy Apple Juicy Berry characterized by blackberry, fresh apple blossoms, rose petals and sandalwood elements.

Princesse Marina De Bourbon Fleur de Lys

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Fleur de Lys is the Princess’ fragrance. Created by the Princess herself, this perfume is floral and the bottle represents the magic key that opens the door of the magic garden. Notes are of apple, bamboo leaves, lemons, white lily, jasmine, white roses, hyacinth, woody elements, cedar, musk and amber.

Emilio Pucci Miss Pucci

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Miss Pucci’s bottle is definitely not an ordinary one. I couldn’t tell if it represents a watch or something else, but its designers wanted it to look like a jewel featuring the kaleidoscopic stainless steel window on the world. Its fluid shape makes the bottle ergonomic, while the Emilio Pucci monogram reminds you of the sophistication and style. The perfume inside it is musky-floral, characterized by magnolia, lemon, medley, rose, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, jasmine, cedar, iris and white musk.

Victoria’s Secret Little Things Noir Tease

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Noir Tease comes in a sexy, revealing bottle as one of Victoria Secret’s Little Things, the fragrance collection. It features juicy fruits, flowers, black vanilla, pear and gardenia.

Agonist Liquid Crystal

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Agonist Liquid Crystal is my favorite bottle from this top and was created in collaboration with Mr. Fabrice Pellegrin, combining bergamot, clove and lavender with coumarin, praline, oregano and vetivel elements. The bottle is handcrafted at Kosta Boda in collaboration with Åsa Jungnelius, using advanced glassmaking techniques.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Garland

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Daisy Garland from Marc Jacobs is a perfume developed by Alberto Morillas to spread violet scents around. The floral fragrance has two blue flowers on top and you can spray over them to feel the scent.

Victoria’s Secret Life is Pink Shine Pink

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

This bottle and the fragrance inside are definitely destined to girls who enjoy spending nights at the club or parties and like wearing hot sunglasses in daytime. The big purple star on top reflects the idea that the wearer feels like a real star. According to Fragrantica, after opening the bottle you’ll feel the aroma of peach and tiare flower.

Victoria’s Secret Life is Pink Wish Pink

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Wish Pink blends vanilla and peony to be on romantic girls’ taste. It comes in a fuchsia bottle with a big heart as the cap and the symbol of peace on it.

Victoria’s Secret Chiffon Peony Freesia

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Victoria`s Secret Chiffon Peony Freesia, as the fragrance’ name suggests, is a mix of South African white freesia, peony, bergamot and vanilla notes. It was included in the Parfums Intimes collection and the bottle looks like a pink napkin box, a personal accessory.

Victoria’s Secret Life is Pink Hope Pink

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Victoria`s Secret Life is Pink Hope Pink’s bottle inspires peace and beauty of nature, having a feminine appearance and a mix of strawberry and jasmine fragrances.

Thierry Mugler Womanity

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

The bold appearance of Thierry Mugler Womanity hides the powerful culture of responsibility to minimize the ecologic impact. Besides being created using detachable parts, Womanity’s bottle is also refillable with eco bottles.

Womanity received the Perfumer Award by the French Fifi Awards and wants to reflect the sides of countless faces of womanhood. It is characterized by sweet and salty notes at the same time, leaving, at the end, the sensation of elegance.

Britney Spears Radiance

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Radiance from Britney Spears is covered in pink and blue crystals, representing the colors of the ingredients such as woody elements, amber and musk aroma, wild berries, dewy petals, tuberose, orange flower, jasmine and iris.

Givenchy Play for Her

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

The floral Play for Her from Givenchy brings woody notes like sandalwood, tiare flower, Amyris woodbois de santal and pink peppercorns. The bottle represents a portable music player with RWD, Play and FWD touch buttons and is also looking like a jewel with tiny crystals on the margin, which reflect light in multiple colors. It’s an elegant and feminine bottle.

Thierry Mugler Angel Delectable Extrait de Parfum

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Thierry Mugler Angel Delectable Extrait de Parfum was created by Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin and is the fragrance for night divas. It brings oriental and vanilla notes, along with melon, coconut, mandarin orange, jasmine, cassia, wild strawberry, bergamot, apricot, honey, orchid, plum, blackberry, jasmine, peach, rose, red berries, lily-of-the-valley, sandalwood, coumarin, tonka bean, patchouli, amber, musk, caramel and dark chocolate.

This limited edition bottle was decorated with blue glass, silver zamac, black velvet and Swarovski crystals.

Marc Jacobs Lola Velvet

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Unlike the classic Lola from Marc Jacobs, which has a plastic cap in the shape of a colorful flower, Lola Velvet replaces plastic with real velvet. Like colorful flowers, Lola Velvet smells like fuchsia peony, rose, gerarium, vanilla, musk, tonka bean, pear, pink peppercorn and red grapefruit.

Oriflame Mirage

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Oriflame Mirage is a magic perfume that gives the wearer the key to another world. To enter it, you only need to whisper its name, „Mirage”. The fragrance was created using rose, elemi and spicy vetiver notes.

Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Ma Dame by Gaultier is a fresh-floral fragrance defined by rose, orange and grenadine scents, coming in a very feminine bottle featuring a woman’s body in lingerie, appearing three-dimensionally inside the glass bottle.

Anna Sui Forbidden Affair

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

„Dabbing a little Forbidden Affair fragrance behind each ear is like putting on a Tiara”. This is how Anna Sui defines her perfume coming in a bottle with the design inspired by fairy tales and the rococo style of the 18th century. Like in Princesse Marina De Bourbon Fleur de Lys’ case, the bottle represents the key that opens a secret garden. The overall design is similar to the baroque dressing room mirrors and the fragrance inside is a romantic combination of fresh notes like lemon, red currant, blackcurrant, raspberry, rose petals, pomegranate, violet, cedarwood and musk.

Katy Perry Purr

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Another violet bottle, but this time in the shape of a violet cat, comes from Katy Perry and it’s called Purr. She loves everything about felines and the bottle design reflects it. The fragrance is defined by sweet peach, dewy green bamboo, apple, jasmine, freesia, roses, orchid, sandalwood, musk and white amber.


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