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Touchjet Wave Turns your TV into a Full-featured Tablet

Published by on August 18, 2015 under Home

touchjet wave turns tv tablet (1)

Any 20”-80” flat screen TV with high definition and an HDMI port you have can be used as a big tablet if you attach Touchjet Wave at the top. The intelligent TV accessory enables touchscreen functionality right on your TV, but also lets you download Android or iPhone apps, watch movies, play games, listen to music, read news, browse photos, and share stuff on social sites. Read more

Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router

Published by on February 9, 2014 under Home

Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router (2)

Almond was released two years ago by Securify as the world’s first touchscreen wireless router for consumers. You can setup and control the router through the 2.8-inch color touchscreen display. Read more

Liquid Screen Protection for Touchscreens

Published by on January 19, 2014 under Mobile

Liquid Screen Protection for Touchscreens

Although most of the gadgets with touchscreen feature some sort of protection against fingerprints and scratches, we still apply protective films just to be sure the screen remains intact in any situation. Many bad things can happen while the smartphone or tablet is inside the bag or pocket. If you want a mobile accessory that you can use to remove fingerprints from the touchscreen at any time as well as prevent smudges from forming again, you can try CleanSeal. Read more

AnyGlove Makes Your Regular Gloves Touchscreen Friendly

Published by on March 25, 2013 under Mobile

AnyGlove Makes Your Regular Gloves Touchscreen Friendly

Do you have a favorite pair of gloves for cold days but you’re sad because they’re not touchscreen-compatible? AnyGlove comes to help you with that. The product is not an expensive pair of new touchscreen gloves, but a small bottle containing a special liquid that once applied to your gloves’ finger tips enable touch-compatibility. This means you’ll be able to swipe and type on your smartphone using your own gloves. Read more

Targus Pen Turns Your Monitor Into a Touchscreen

Published by on January 11, 2013 under Office

Targus Pen Turns Your Monitor Into a Touchscreen

I love this gadget! This is an innovative smart pen that turns your laptop’s monitor into a touchscreen when running Window 8. The operating system from Microsoft already has built-in touchscreen support so all you need to do further is attach the magnetic part the your monitor, connect the short cable to an USB port and start using the pen directly on the display. Read more

Farouk CHI Touch – World’s First Hair Dryer With Touchscreen

Published by on October 19, 2012 under Beauty

Farouk CHI Touch Worlds First Hair Dryer With Touchscreen

Earlier this year, Farouk System, the specialists in hair care tools, launched the world’s first hair dryer with touchscreen. CHI Touch dries your hair in half the time when compared to the other similar gadgets, and this capability is enabled by the 1800 Watt power. It also features soft touch rubberized finish and lightweight for increased ergonomics, quiet DC motor, ceramic heater, the CHI infrared technology that reduces static, while eliminating frizz and rehydrating dry hair, as well as memory setting. Read more

Win a Pair of Isotoner smarTouch Gloves!

Published by on December 12, 2011 under Giveaways

Win a pair of Isotoner smarTouch Gloves

Giveaway closed! Congratulations to jessi!

If you didn’t have the chance to read our hands-on review of the Isotoner Women’s smarTouch Stretch Gloves – Fleece Lined, please spend a few minutes to read it, because you should know more about the innovative product you could win. In a few words, Isotoner creates these great winter gloves that allow you to continue browsing the web, composing emails and playing games, without taking off your gloves. Read more

ISOTONER Women’s smarTouch Stretch, Fleece Lined Gloves – Review

Published by on December 11, 2011 under Reviews

ISOTONER Womens smarTouch Stretch Fleece Lined Gloves Review

Isotoner are the makers of these special gloves designed to allow you to use your touchscreen device in cold, without taking off the gloves. They come in many designs and work with all touchscreen devices, including your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, e-book reader, digital camera, and even ATMs, GPS devices and gas pumps. Thanks to the smart construction featuring conductive thread embroidery in the index finger and thumb, which conveys electrical impulse to the touchscreen, the Isotoner glove enables high-precision when clicking on links and objects during web browsing web, message composing or game playing. In addition, the palm area is non-slip so you don’t have to worry about dropping the handset accidentally. The touchscreen gloves are also water-repellent and available for both men and women. Read more

Kimtech Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes – Review

Published by on November 24, 2011 under Reviews

Kimtech Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes Review

The holiday season is close and many of us are making gift lists that include all our close friends and relatives. If with mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters things are easy, the problem is always related to the gifts for colleagues and friends, which need to be cheap and significant. I always contradict the old saying and tell others that not the gesture is what counts most, but the gift itself. People remember you if you make them nice gifts.

Today I want to suggest you an affordable item that you could purchase in bulk and give it to many people as a gift this Christmas. It’s the attractive pack of high-quality cleaning wipes designed for touchscreens.

Kimtech Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes are a great accessory not only for your touchscreen cell phone, but also for your digital camera display, your eye glasses, iPad’s multi-touch screen, and other gadgets featuring glass parts. Read more

Louis Quatorze Store Displays Its Catalog on the Microsoft Surface

Published by on March 15, 2009 under Decor


There are just a few tables in the world with touchscreen displays supporting multiple finger input and one of the most advanced of them is Microsoft’s Surface, also known as the Coffee Table.
The multi-touch capability of this table allows multiple users browse media files simultaneously and share information. Read more