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Hands-on Review: A 5ml Perfume Atomizer Can’t Miss From Your Purse!

Published by on June 24, 2013 under Reviews

Hands on Review A 5ml Perfume Atomizer Cant Miss From Your Purse (1)

The mini perfume atomizer is an accessory that you’ve probably seen in beauty shops many times but never realized how useful it could be. You can use it to hold a few milliliters of your favorite perfume inside your purse, pocket or travel bag. They come in different sizes to hold even 20ml of liquid and are available at different prices, depending on the shop. Read more

Stylish Perfume Atomizer Awarded Best Beauty Gadget

Published by on December 2, 2012 under Beauty

Stylish Perfume Atomizer Awarded Best Beauty Gadget

What I like about this perfume atomizer is that it’s travel-friendly, stylish and shows the remaining fragrance. The capacity of 4 ml should be enough for 40 or more sprays of your favorite fragrance, while you can hide the atomizer anywhere, even inside a small jacket or purse pocket. Read more

Puzhen Five-Sense Sha Aroma Diffuser

Published by on June 4, 2012 under Home

Puzhen Five-Sense Sha Aroma Diffuser

Five-Sense Sha is an elegant aroma diffuser with a masculine look and a beautiful design, available from Puzhen. As you can see, it features elements from the traditional Chinese culture and is made from purple clay, being part of the Puzhen Life’s Five Senses series. What they wanted to create was a product that uses aromas to balance the mind, body and soul, by engaging all your senses. Read more

Romantic Bath Bomb Fills Your Bath Tube With Foam and Roses

Published by on April 18, 2012 under Home

Romantic Bath Bomb Fills Your Bath Tube With Foam and Roses

The Romantic Bath Bomb has a catchy name and looks like a regular bath foam ball, yet coming with an extra feature that makes your bath moment even more romantic. Once in the water, this ball starts to produce lots of foam with a relaxing scent for aromotherapy and to make you smell great, while leaving beautiful dry red rose petals around. Read more

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women

Published by on July 9, 2011 under Beauty

The last accessory we add to complete our outfit before leaving home is the perfume. We all know that a perfume has an interesting effect on both the wearer and the other people around and helps making a nice impression wherever we go as people tend to associate a nice smell with a quality person.

We choose our perfume based on how we feel after applying it on the skin, but the final decision is influenced, among other things, by the bottle. That’s why we decided to pick the most eye-catching bottles of perfume launched last year.

Chopard Brilliant Wish

Top 2010 Perfume Bottles for Women Read more

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

Published by on February 8, 2011 under Home

The following are our ten affordable Valentine’s Day ideas for you.

1. Pink Vodka in Diamond Bottle With 22-Carat Gold Flakes

Valentines Day Ideas for Her gold vodka pink vodka

Called the 22 Carat Vodka, this beautiful gift for cocktail fans is actually pink German vodka in a diamond-shaped bottle wrapped in a gold mesh bag. It provides 500ml of vodka of 38.9% alc. Vol. with shimmering 22-carat gold flakes and you can find it at Firebox at a price of £39.99. Read more

Rejuvenation O2 Station: New Oxygen Bar Equipment with Aromas

Published by on February 7, 2009 under Home


For those believing in aroma therapy powers, this new product released by O2 Planet could enable new sensations in addition to oxygen bars which became popular in Asia and the United States since 1990s.
You can find the oxygen bars in public entertainment places like night clubs, spas and restaurants, as well at yoga courses. Read more