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Personalized Chalkboard

Published by on August 14, 2014 under Decor

Personalized Chalkboard (5)

The Message Board is a magnetic chalkboard that you can customize to meet your needs in public places like bars and restaurants or at home. You can write messages on it, draw and even add photos by sticking them to the board using cork magnets which are handmade from recycled cork. Read more

AutoAAN Answering Machine App

Published by on June 8, 2014 under Mobile

AutoAAN Answering Machine App (1)

Although I’m not using many apps on my phone, because I like to stick to the basic needs, an app like AutoAAN would be a good addition in the near future. I’ve heard about it today and think it’s a great app for anyone who wants an alternative voicemail function on the smartphone. Read more

Love Hearts Message Stamps

Published by on August 15, 2011 under Decor

Love Hearts Message Stamps

Let me show you a quicker and fun way to leave messages. It’s about a little tool called Love Harts that includes three pre-inked stamps with messages like “call me”, “smile” and “love you”. Read more

LED Message Board

Published by on May 19, 2010 under Decor

LED Message Board

This LED message board is a fun gadget that you can use to leave messages for other people to read. You can use it, for example, to leave tasks for other family members or just to teach kids how to write and read in a fun way, and why not, for advertising purposes. Read more