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Binoculars that also work as iPhone Camera Magnifier

Published by on July 12, 2014 under Outdoors

Binoculars iPhone Camera Magnifier (2)

The iPhone Binoculars come in the regular form of binoculars and you can use them as that, but the gadget can also attach to the smartphone to enable 8x magnification for the camera. Read more

Swarovski CL Pocket Binoculars

Published by on September 28, 2013 under Outdoors

Swarovski CL Pocket Binoculars (2)

Swarovski Optik introduced the CL Pocket Binocular as a travel companion for those who enjoy observing wildlife or distant activities. The new binocular comes in two versions with eyepiece for eyeglass wearers. Read more

High Zoom Optic Binoculars

Published by on September 8, 2011 under Outdoors

High Zoom Optic Binoculars

I like to use binoculars to spy on people living in apartments buildings around my home but they’re of no use if I can’t use a high zoom. That’s why I recommend to take a look at the 144X Zoom Bincoulars to all of you who enjoy being childish from time to time when you get bored and don’t have something smarter to do. Read more