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Kingdom Rush by Ironhide Game Studio

Published by on July 11, 2017 under Apps

One of my favorite mobile games is definitely Kingdom Rush. The tower defense game was originally released for PC and there is also a sequel. On your mobile you can play three versions: Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Origins and Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

The game is very, very addictive and, like the other tower defense games, is about placing and upgrading towers strategically so you can prevent the enemies from passing the area. Read more

Automatic Call Recorder by Global Effect

Published by on July 7, 2017 under Apps

I’ve been using this app on Android since a few years already and I consider it the best call recording app out there. You can find several apps with the same name on Google Play but the one I’m talking about is Automatic Call Recorder by Global Effect with over 1 million downloads and a current rating of 4.1 stars, available for purchase in the premium version after a two-week free trial period. Read more

Leef Access microSD Card Reader Designed for Android

Published by on March 31, 2015 under Mobile

Leef microSD Card Reader Android (1)

The tiny device connects to your Android smartphone through the micro USB 2.0 connector to enable microSD card reader functionality. You can use it whenever you need to transfer files from your phone to a computer or from the computer to the phone. Read more

ZAGG Introduced Slim Foldable Pocket Keyboard

Published by on March 4, 2015 under Mobile

zagg slim foldable pocket keyboard (3)

ZAGG Pocket Keyboard is one of the latest products launched by ZAGG for iPhone and Android smartphone users, providing a slim yet spacious mobile keyboard that connects via Bluetooth and also works as a stand for the handset. Read more

Remote Shutter Button for Android and iOS Smartphones

Published by on June 29, 2014 under Mobile

Remote Shutter Android iOS Smartphones (3)

I wrote a while ago about a remote camera shutter for smartphones that looked good but was pricey. This time I want to show you the cheaper version of such a mobile accessory, which you can purchase online. Read more

DouBBleTime Doubles the Charging Time for Android Smartphones

Published by on May 28, 2014 under Mobile

DouBBleTime Doubles Charging Time Android Smartphones

Have you ever wondered why your phone is charging so slow while connected to the computer via the USB cable? That’s because the USB cable included with your phone is not for charging the battery, but for data transfer between the phone and computer. When you connect the phone with the cable, the phone is provided with limited electric energy. If you want to use other functions as well, such as those that require more power, like GPS, charging becomes even slower. The good news is that you can you a special cable that doubles the charging speed. Read more

Android and iOS File Swapper

Published by on May 17, 2014 under Mobile

Android and iOS File Swapper (1)

Transferring files between Android and iPhone smartphones is impossible without an adapter, as the two devices use different connectors, but the file swapper from Hammacher Schlemmer comes with USB and 30-pin connectors on the sides, including a Lightning adapter. With it you can transfer 16GB of images, audio, video, and documents between Android smartphones and iOS devices, or even computers. Read more

Affordable Tablet with Built-in Projector

Published by on March 1, 2014 under Mobile

Affordable Tablet with Built-in Projector (1)

The tablet in the image comes from China and features a 7-inch 1024×600 touch display, but also a built-in projector that you can use anywhere to share larger views of the content stored on the tablet. In addition to the dark grey color and the professional look, this tablet model has quad-core processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, microSD slot, front-facing camera, 2MP rear camera, and Adobe Flash 10.3 (and above). Read more

Foldable NFC Keyboard for Android Smartphones

Published by on February 27, 2014 under Mobile

Foldable NFC Keyboard for Android Smartphones (1)

A Bluetooth keyboard for your Android smartphone sounds great when you need to feel real keyboard keys under your fingertips so you can type faster, but the Elecom TK-FNS040 is smarter than that. The smartphone keyboard is compatible with Android and is foldable so you can store it in small spaces inside your bag, but more than that, it connects to the smartphone via NFC instead of Bluetooth. This suggests the battery should last longer than when using Bluetooth. Read more

Bitdefender Launched Free Antivirus Solution for Android Smartphones

Published by on April 9, 2013 under Mobile

Bitdefender Launched Free Antivirus Solution for Android Smartphones

As recently Bitdefender recorded an explosion in malware targeting Android smartphones, the developers behind the most popular security software for consumers introduced a free antivirus solution called Bitdefender Antivirus Free. Read more