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Filterless and Silent Air Purifier

Published by on April 26, 2014 under Home

Filterless and Silent Air Purifier (1)

Unlike air purifiers that use replaceable costly filters to clean the air in the home, this one uses a different approach. The Filterless Air Purifier emits billions of electrons that attach to impurities in the air and converts them to negatively charged ions. These impurities, which can be allergens, smoke or dust particles, gravitate and bond to the collection tube which is positively charged. Read more

Benefits of a Cold Air Intake

Published by on March 26, 2014 under Cars

Benefits of a Cold Air IntakeCold air intake kits are growing more common through custom shops, particularly on the web. This leaves many curious as to what actual benefits they provide to a diesel vehicle. This is a point of contention among some, but the basics of the benefits can be easily summarized as follows.

The first reason to pursue a cold air intake is efficiency. Fuel efficiency can be increased when cold air is being used to mix with diesel for combustion. The ignition temperatures and mechanics are different for hot air as it tends to be less dense. Colder air is denser and thus mixes more thoroughly with diesel fuel for a hotter, more efficient burn. The long-term ramifications of cold air intakes haven’t been tested in this regard. Some attest that using a cold air intake for a long period of time will gradually degrade the integrity of your engine’s cylinders. Others cite the potential for failure in ignition. However, these are primarily problems associated with older cold air intake kits that were not always designed with optimal vehicle compatibility in mind. Modern cold air intake kits tend to work much more cleanly with modern diesel engines, making them overall a better option. Read more