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Some Thoughts on Scooters

Published by on October 10, 2013 under Cars

Some Thoughts on ScootersWhat I like about scooters is the low profile, the comfortable seat and the lower level of noise produced while riding, when compared to motorcycles. Men love motorcycles because they inspire power and strength, while scooters can be ridden by anyone, men or women, almost anywhere, at lower speeds. I think it’s a great vehicle for riding through the city and for going to shopping, do errands or to work.

Scooters come in many fresh finishes and shapes so you can find the right vehicle for yourself. They are easier to park and store while the licensing requirements are easier; insurance is also cheaper. In other words, the latest scooters feature technologies meant to create the best balance of handling, economy and performance.

I also consider them safer to use than other vehicles and I would love to know they are eco-friendly too, but according to various tests performed on motorcycles, scooters and cars, there’s not a big difference at this aspect; at least this is what I read.

As for replacement parts, when something stops functioning properly, there are many places where you can find the components you need, including a new scooter battery. When you get more experience with your personal vehicle, you can step to the next level and modify your scooter to create something unique to reflect your cool personality while on streets.


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  1. August says:

    I like scooters.

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