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Shiatsu Foot Massager from Homedics

Published by on May 20, 2013 under Home

Shiatsu Foot Massager from Homedics

Not few times I’ve heard of people happy to share their experience with shiatsu, a type pf alternative medicine invented in Japan, meant to improve your physical and mental condition, dealing with stress, anxiety and physical pain. The techniques used in shiatsu are based on finger pressure and included in programs of various wellness centers around the world.

Homedics is a US-based company recognized for its high-quality and innovative personal wellness products and one of them is this foot massager called the Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Massager. If traditional shiatsu is done using hand fingers to put pressure on key points of the body, this device incorporates 18 special heads that perform massage to your feet, helping to relax your whole body.

In addition to the relaxing massage, the device also uses heat to warm your feet, increase relaxation and enhance the blood circulation. You don’t have to bend to turn it on or off because it features touch controls for your toes, so you can also activate the heat option when desired. You can also find your most comfortable angle for the massage thanks to the adjustable legs. When you’re done and want to store the device, you can use the integrated cord management.

Homedics Deluxe Shiatsu Foot Massager FS110’s features include 6 rotating nodes for massage, soothing heat to ease muscle tension, foot-activated switch, adjustable legs, 18 massage heads, and the cord storage. You can buy this personal wellness gadget online from The Good Guys for $89.


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