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On Serebu Masks Toilet Noises

Published by on November 18, 2016 under Outdoors


I think all of us have heard the funny sounds while in a public toilet and no one would want to be in the shoes of the person who makes them. There is a device designed to mask the sounds you produce in the toilet and it`s called On Serebu. It imitates the water flushing.

Imagine you`re at a party and in the bathroom there are several girls retouching their makeup. Instead of being embarrassed by the sounds they could hear coming from your cabin, you could simply switch on the device, and it will start producing sounds like water flushing. To stop the sound switch the device to off.

You can find the heart-shaped On Serebu in pink, gold and silver; with key ring and chain; powered by 2 LR44 batteries.
You can purchase the device from Japan Trend Shop for the price of $12.


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