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Rejuvenation O2 Station: New Oxygen Bar Equipment with Aromas

Published by on February 7, 2009 under Home


For those believing in aroma therapy powers, this new product released by O2 Planet could enable new sensations in addition to oxygen bars which became popular in Asia and the United States since 1990s.
You can find the oxygen bars in public entertainment places like night clubs, spas and restaurants, as well at yoga courses.

Even if you’d have to spend about 1$ per minute and inhale the oxygen for as long as you like in order to feel health enhancements and strengthen your immune system in addition to get more energy and get rid of sinus problems and migraines, there still are some experts talking about side effects including lungs inflammation.

The new Rejuvenation O2 Station oxygen bars launched by O2 Planet add oil-free aroma therapy with peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, orange and cappuccino flavors, promising a healthier alternative to coffee and calories, and a an effect that lasts for hours.
The system sells at $1,495.

Have you experienced such self-service oxygen bars before? If yes leave a comment and tell us if you recommend it.

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