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7 Reasons to Get a Cordless Telephone

Published by on August 20, 2012 under Home

Freedom of movement

7 Reasons to Get a Cordless Telephone

Without a shadow of a doubt the primary reason for getting a cordless phone is the freedom of movement that this device allows. There are countless situations that will arise in the course of a phone call when you might need to be mobile, whether this is to hunt for an elusive pen or to answer the almost inevitable doorbell, and having a cordless phone will ensure that these actions are possible. In our modern busy lives, which generally define multitasking, cutting the cord allows you to talk to the world whilst carrying out the million and one additional tasks that need to be done at the same time.

Multi handset

7 Reasons to Get a Cordless Telephone

Another major benefit of having a cordless phone is that you can add several handsets to your base unit. This will allow you to deploy phones around your house or office to the locations that you are most likely to need them. In addition the use of multi handsets makes conference calls a much easier option.


7 Reasons to Get a Cordless Telephone

Although they are excellent as telephones, cordless devices have many other functions which simply cannot be carried out by the corded variety. Most have incorporated a range of other functions and can be easily adapted to act as walkie-talkies, intercoms and even baby monitors. These functions will require a couple of handsets but are easily set up through the menu of a phone and are often invaluable asset. Cordless phones will generally have a range of about 100m which will allow for communication between the devices above the distances you would find in an average household.

Interference free

As part of the process of the development of the cordless phone interference was a major issue but this has been the focus of many of the refinements that have been carried out on these devices and the issue of interference is a thing of the past. In fact the modern cordless phone has broken through barriers like walls and radio waves and offers a sound which is crystal clear.

Battery Life

Battery life is more reliable than ever and the life of the cordless phone has been extended so that you can expect your digital cordless telephone to outlast even the longest natter that you might have. The battery materials have become more durable and the handsets more energy efficient meaning that the life of a handset off charge will go for up to 90 days on standby and during talk time you can reasonably expect several hours, which is long enough (even for my mum!)


With a phone which requires battery there may well be a problem about the weight, and if your calls are likely to last for some duration then this could be a problem. With the developments in battery power the modern cordless phone is almost as light as its corded counterpart.


So given all of these advantages you might expect that the cordless phone may hit you in the pocket, but generally speaking this is not the case. Although there are some expensive models on the market it is possible to pick up a cordless phone for the same price as a phone with a cord and they can be purchased for as little as £10.

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