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Puzhen Five-Sense Sha Aroma Diffuser

Published by on June 4, 2012 under Home

Puzhen Five-Sense Sha Aroma Diffuser

Five-Sense Sha is an elegant aroma diffuser with a masculine look and a beautiful design, available from Puzhen. As you can see, it features elements from the traditional Chinese culture and is made from purple clay, being part of the Puzhen Life’s Five Senses series. What they wanted to create was a product that uses aromas to balance the mind, body and soul, by engaging all your senses.

Sha uses a filtration and sterilization system featuring anion, lysozyme filter, vitamin C filter, cold catalyst, and nanometer silver ions. In addition to the ultrasonic aroma diffuser function, Sha can play 30 minutes of Chinese music and you can connect it to your MP3 player, iPhone or other device with music player capability.

Puzhen Five-Sense Sha Aroma Diffuser
Puzhen Five-Sense Sha Aroma Diffuser
Puzhen Five-Sense Sha Aroma Diffuser

The colored LED lights that change alternatively enhance the atmosphere and help you relax even more by enabling color therapy in addition to aroma therapy. The player, lights and aromas can be controlled remotely using the included remote control.

Find this special Father’s Day gift idea at Puzhen, at $419.

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