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Pink Eye Massager With Fluid Shape

Published by on October 21, 2011 under Beauty

Pink Eye Massager With Fluid Shape

To be sincere, I don’t trust massaging devices, especially those with vibrations. I had the chance to try some and none of them took my muscle pains away. Still, the Magic Wand face massager looks cute and fresh enough to make me want to try it. The device is a handheld massager that is said to remove eye bags, puffy eyes, dark circles and even wrinkles. It vibrates to stimulate the lymphatic drainage and circulation to tonify the skin and make it healthier.

The feeling would be of a fingertip movement from a trained therapist. It also promises to reduce stress and repair cells.

Pink Eye Massager With Fluid Shape

The device powers from one AA battery. Find it at Gizoo at a reasonable price of £14.95.


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