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Partitioning Your Hard Drives is Easy With Partitioning Tools

Published by on January 18, 2014 under Office

Partitioning your hard drives is easy with partitioning toolsTo most users, the words “partitioning your hard drives” do not ring a bell. But to the more advanced users, partitioning your hard drives is a must especially if you have those very large capacity hard drives that can contain up to 2 or 3 terra bytes of data. The reason for partitioning your hard drives is to create a separate partition that is considered or regarded as a different hard drive, meaning, data found or located on a separate partition is totally separated from the rest of the other partitions even if it is on the same hard disk drive. It would not be affected even if you format and reformat the other partitions, or if the other partitions get infected by a virus the data located on a different partition is usually safe and will not be affected by it. You can have multiple partitions on a single disk; it’s up to the user on how much space would there be on each partition and on how many partitions the user would need on a single disk.

Usually, partitioning your hard disk drive can only be possible after formatting your hard drive; this usually occurs during the process for a fresh installation of a new operating system. And after setting up, normally you can never be able to setup new partitions again when the system is already up and running, and if you want create a new partition, you would need to reformat your disk and reinstall the operating system and you would have to redo all the process again. But now, there are ways to partition your hard drive without reformatting your hard drive, you can do this by using a partition manager. It’s very easy to use, both advanced and novice computer users can easily create new partitions with just a few simply clicks with their easy to use interface. Although the full version is a paid app and you would need to shell out some hard earned cash if you want to use the full features of the partition manager, you should not shy away because this tool is certainly worth your buck. But if you don’t want to shell out the cash, you can also use the free partition magic that you can use and try it out for free. It is a trial version that still offers an easy to use wizard so that even novice users can create and manage their partitions with relative ease.

Since the most popular operating system being used by PC users today is Windows 7, although it is not the latest being Windows 8 is the newer one, a lot of user still shy away from windows 8 and users still use the older but reliable Windows 7. The partition tool has a tools design specifically for Window 7 users with the windows 7 partition manager, this easy to use tool will help you manage your partitions on a system running windows 7, you can create, delete or even resize the already existing partitions on your disk. And this tool can even help you create a dual boot to Windows Vista or even with Windows XP.

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