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Mini Selfie Stick is Easier to Hold

Published by on June 30, 2015 under Mobile

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I prefer a mini selfie stick over a standard one because it’s easier to hold while taking photos of you. It weighs 125 grams. Standard selfie sticks are recommended for group photos, when there are many people who have to be caught in the photo.

Another advantage of the mini version is that it occupies less space inside a small bag so you can carry it wherever you need.

This model is available in several colors and is made of lightweight materials like aluminum and plastic. It’s compatible with Android and iOS handsets and extends from 22 cm to 83 cm, while the clip holds phones of 5.5 to 8.5 cm. The camera bracket rotates 360 degrees and tilts through 180 degrees.

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Unlike regular selfie sticks featuring Bluetooth connectivity, the model here uses a small wire to connect to the phone’s headphone jack, working via the volume control shutter-release feature on iOS handsets and most Android devices.

Get one from Chinavasion for $5.87.

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