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iStabilizer Monopod and Shutter Remote Bundle

Published by on August 12, 2014 under Mobile

Cuba tourists in Havana

iStabilizer announced the monopod and shutter remote bundle for those used to take selfies everywhere.

The iStabilizer Monopod included in the bundle uses the iStabilizer Mount (tripod adapter) for smartphones to hold the handset. You can adjust the position of the phone and take selfies while holding the Monopod’s end, and you can adjust the Monopod’s length up to 3 feet.


The iStabilizer Shutter Remote currently works with iOS only, but the company will soon launch an Android version as well. The remote control connects to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via Bluetooth 3.0. You can set your handset in a secure position and take selfies while jumping or you can get even more people in your group photos. The remote works with the default camera application or with other app that uses the volume button to trigger the shutter.

iStabilizer Monopod Shutter Remote (2)

At iStabilizer you can purchase the bundle for $59.95, but each included item can be bought separately as well.

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