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Find Products in your Favourite Colors with Color Muse

Published by on November 18, 2016 under Decor


Matching colors is sometimes a difficult job. Now with the new device named Color Muse by Variable, anyone can find the color that matches with the color they have. The device is easy to use, just put it on the surface you want to scan and it instantly identifies which paints, tiles and other products match the scanned color.

Muse Color supports various surfaces like walls, carpets, tiles, furniture.

Let`s say that you are at your friend`s place and you see his new couch in a beautiful green hue and feel like you just must have it. You simply take out the Color Muse and scan the material to instantly access similar products available through the Color Muse app on your smartphone.

Maybe you want to give your wife a pair of shoes as a gift, in an attractive pink tone that just caught your attention in the shop over the street. Simply scan the color and browse through the suggested products.
This are just a few of what Color Muse and the dedicated app can do.

The app has a friendly interface. After you scan a color, select “Find Inspiration” and it will show you professionally designed interiors that include your scanned color. The “Quick Inspect” compares two scanned colors to show you the perceptible difference between them.

It is easy to create or save color palettes for your clients or friends, and you can share them through email or social networks. With the same device you can also find clothes in your favorite color tones.


So, with Color Muse, the stress of finding the matching paint for your projects is something from the past.

The battery-powered device measures 1.3 x 3.5 x 6 inch. You can purchase it from the official site at the price of $49.

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