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DVD replication with Duplication Centre

Published by on November 20, 2013 under Office

DVD replication with Duplication CentreWhen choosing a company to replicate your DVDs the foremost criteria for most people are cost, quality and customer service. Replication Centre pride themselves in having a resolute focus on all three of these factors.

Duplication Centre, the original sister company to Replication Centre, has built an excellent reputation by delivering low cost DVDs of excellent quality. As a result they have grown to become the UK’s market leader in CD and DVD duplication with 50% of their business coming from happy repeat customers. For those who want a run of DVDs that is longer than 1,000 copies, replication is a more economical answer than duplication.

Replication is a different process to duplication. Duplication involves recording data onto recordable DVDs using a duplication machine. Replication uses a machine called a Glass Master to stamp the data onto DVDs. Due to the higher set up costs for replication it is cheaper to use duplication for runs that are shorter than 500 discs. Replication is cheaper for runs of at least 1,000 discs. For runs that fall between these two figures the governing factor is likely to be turnaround time, which is shorter with duplication.

As a market leader with a high turnover, Replication Centre is able to secure extremely competitive prices from its suppliers. These savings are then passed on to the customer in the form of lower prices for Replication Centre services. DVDs can be supplied bulk packed, but most customers opt for high quality individual packaging for their discs.

Replication Centre can provide a selection of different cases and digipaks. These can be printed with artwork that you provide or you can use their innovative free online artwork tool to create your own artwork. Inlays and wraps can be printed on matte or gloss card and paper. Wraps are precisely guillotined and folded to fit the case. All cases are robust and non-brittle with a good feel when picked up.

Full colour artwork can also be printed directly onto the DVDs themselves. The artwork is printed to a standard that matches High Street quality DVDs and is coated with a thin layer of lacquer to give a professional finish.

To put the final professional touch on your DVDs you might want to add a cellophane wrap. This gives an additional air of professionalism while keeping the cases or digipaks protected from being scuffed or stained prior to you distributing them.

All of the available options are present in Replication Centre’s online price generator. This allows you to select different combinations to establish which ones you want to use for your project.

Replication Centre prides itself on providing market leading customer service through its friendly, knowledgeable staff. The turn around time for DVD replication is extremely quick thanks in part to automated invoicing and delivery systems. The company continually invests to provide customers with the best possible level of service at the lowest possible price. The next major project is to provide all DVD replication customers with free digital hosting for their projects.


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