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Cordless Drill Design for Women

Published by on June 23, 2012 under Home

Cordless Drill Design for Women

Remember the 2-gear i-drill, the cordpress tool that you can use anywhere on the globe thanks to all kinds of included accessories? After publishing the review, Pedro Henrique Castro contacted me from Brazil to ask more details about the tool because he wanted to finish his collage graduate work, the project involving the design of a cordless drill that is so easy to handle that even women could use to drill holes in concrete walls.

Cordless Drill Design for Women
Cordless Drill Design for Women

The project is finished and you check it online at Coroflot. Pedro’s drill boasts a rocket-like shape and glossy finish for several fashionable colors. What do you think?

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One Reply to "Cordless Drill Design for Women"

  1. Beth Snyder says:

    This is an incredibly offensive concept. Some women use real drills (you know, the same ones men use) all the time. Some of us are not delicate flowers worried about breaking a nail. I would no more purchase one of these than I would willingly have a conversation with any other misogynistic sexist jerk.

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