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Appleish Pineapple Watches

Published by on August 19, 2011 under Ladies Accessories

Appleish Pineapple Watches

Adriano Valente and Marcello Benevelli liked the look of iPod Nano watches, or, better said, wrist iPod Nano cases, but wanted to create a real wrist watch that keeps the look of Apple’s little gadget. That’s why they came up with the idea of creating the Pineapple Watches with Swiss Made Quartz movement.

You can wear these on your wrist and check the time whenever you want. They look similar to iPod Nano, but feature only watch functionality and are made of high-quality aluminum. You can’t listen to your favorite MP3s with them, but you can pick your favorite color from blue, green, grey, pink, red and orange.

Appleish Pineapple Watches

At the moment you can pre-order a Pineapple Watch for 76 CHF, or about $97, and as soon as guys reach the $150,000 goal they will launch it in production. Give them a little help here.

Thanks for the tip, Adriano & Marcello!


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  1. JILL says:

    this is the coolest watch

  2. JILL says:

    what a cool watch

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