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Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Published by on July 3, 2010 under Home

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Zoku Quick Pop Maker is a Silver winner at Idea 2010 in the Home Living section. It is an useful device for making ice pops at home. You can use it in your kitchen to make delicious ice pops for yourself and guests.
The innovative device freezes pops in about seven minutes without using energy. Things you can do with it include striped pops, flavored core pops and yogurt pops.

You have to first put the compact base inside the freezer until it’s frozen and then make up to nine pops, each of two ounces.
The plastic pop sticks are reusable and feature a ridged design that allows the pops to adhere well.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker was developed by Propeller Inc. and is available for purchase at for £39.99.

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