ZAGG Introduced Slim Foldable Pocket Keyboard

zagg slim foldable pocket keyboard (3)

ZAGG Pocket Keyboard is one of the latest products launched by ZAGG for iPhone and Android smartphone users, providing a slim yet spacious mobile keyboard that connects via Bluetooth and also works as a stand for the handset.

When not in use, the keyboard folds into a slim profile which makes it perfect for travel. You can hide it in an interior pocket and use it on the go, whenever you need to communicate with others.

zagg slim foldable pocket keyboard (2)
zagg slim foldable pocket keyboard (1)

The magnetic closure preserves battery by turning the keyboard off when closed.

ZAGG’s Pocket Keyboard measures 14.5 x 54.5 x 178 x 223.5 (width) mm at 194 grams and uses 85% the size of a standard keyboard. ZAGG debuted it at CES 2015, where the product was a CES Innovation Honoree. It will be available for purchase for $69.99.

3 thoughts on “ZAGG Introduced Slim Foldable Pocket Keyboard

  1. I love this! It seems like a really easy to use product and it should be especially great for those who struggle with the keyboards on smart phones for whatever reason(s). I may even buy it myself!

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