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Wrist Rest and Screen Cleaner

Published by on November 12, 2013 under Office

Wrist Rest and Screen Cleaner (2)

Why use a wrist rest and keep the screen cleaning cloth in a drawer, when you can have them both handy? Smart Rest from Toddy Gear is a useful office accessory that can increase brand visibility, consisting of a comfortable wrist rest and a screen cleaner made from microfiber.

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Coming in a few colors, with the possibility to print your logo on it, the wrist rest has two sides and the plush side, which is used to clean the computer screen, smartphone display or even glasses’ lenses, features Microban antimicrobial coating to prevent mold and mildew buildup. The silky side, which supports the wrist to let your hand relax, can be printed with full-color dye sublimation technology for full color graphics.

Toddy Smart Rest is available for companies at Toddy Gear for $10.

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  1. August says:

    I need one. I also like its second function.

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