Who uses an iPad to play at online casinos?

Published by on June 8, 2012 under News From the Web

Guest post by Graham Steel

Who uses an iPad to play at online casinosGiven that the online casino experience has become one of the most popular types of internet gambling, and the iPad manufactured by Apple has become one of the most popular mobile devices in the world, it is perhaps not surprising that the two have been combined; leading many to switch to playing casino games using their iPad rather than a PC. Given the difference between using a traditional PC and a mobile device like the iPad to play at online casinos, it is interesting to look at just what the iPad offers in this respect, and extrapolate from this to find out who uses them to play at internet casinos.

There does not appear to be any particular link between locations and the preference for using the iPad for internet casino games – say more people playing using them in Australia for example – which is perhaps not surprising, because internet gaming is popular in most countries, and iPad devices sell well globally. However, it is likely that those using an iPad to play at these casinos are people who do not have massive amounts of free time on their hands, because two of the major reasons for using a mobile device rather than a PC for activities like this, is that these devices are quicker and can be utilised on the go, from any location. People with lots of time to sit around at home would be just as likely to use their PCs to play.

It may also be that those using an iPad to play at internet casino sites are people who already use, and are familiar with, Apple products. This would make them more likely to be aware of the very low instance of infections and system hacking that Apple has been able to guarantee. The iPad is only compatible with apps that have been approved by the company, which may seem like a downside at first, but in fact makes it less likely to fall victim to viruses caused by rogue software. This makes ipad casino a more secure option than using a PC.

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