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What’s In Your Purse? (Things Every Single Young Woman Needs)

Published by on August 12, 2013 under Beauty

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You carry a purse, but do you even know what’s in it? Have you thought out the inventory you carry with you everywhere, or have you just randomly shoved everything you can think of into it? Here are 7 things every young lady needs in her purse to make sure she’s prepared for the single life.

1. Period Supplies

This one’s first on the list because it’s the one you need to know first. Unless you’re taking the pill religiously, you never truly know when your period is going to strike. And if you’re like most girls, you’ve probably had that one embarrassing moment when you were unprepared. Don’t let it happen again. Carry a spare tampon, some pain reliever, and maybe even an extra pair of underwear.

Think it won’t happen to you? Maybe not. But hey, it could happen to a friend and you can come to her rescue!

2. Condoms

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According to various statistics, tens of millions of Americans are living with STDs. And every year, approximately 15 million people contract a new one. Now I don’t know about you, but those are some pretty scary stats. However, it’s safe to say that these stats aren’t scary enough to keep people from engaging in sexual activity. That being said, whether a random sexual encounter is in your five year plan or not, it really is a case of better safe than sorry. Don’t expect the other party to have it covered. Keep a couple of condoms in your purse just in case things escalate when you aren’t expecting it and you’ll stay safe.

3. Pepper Spray

You never want anything bad to happen. And hopefully it never will. But just like you want to be prepared for the good stuff (see the previous point), you also want to prepare for the worst. What happens if you’re on a first date that turns bad and the guy tries to force himself on you? What if you’re walking to your car and someone jumps out and tries to assault you? When you have pepper spray on you, you can at least have a fighting chance when someone stronger than you tries to push their weight around.

4. Pax Vaporizer

Whats In Your Purse Things Every Single Young Woman Needs (1)

I know what you’re thinking—why carry a vaporizer all the time? Well, what it comes down to is that they have such a wide variety of uses, and they take up so little room if you get one like the Pax by Ploom, that there’s no reason not to. Have a cold? The Pax Vaporizer can help you breathe easier. Want to set the mood for romance? Use your vaporizer as an aphrodisiac. Having bad breath problems? Use the right herbs and you’ll be breathing wintergreen. You can learn more about it here.


I know most of you carry mints and gum, but let’s face it—those things only go so far. They’re only a band-aid on a larger problem. Solve that bad breath by getting to the root of the problem. Get yourself a small pack of WISP so you can easily brush your teeth anywhere, anytime. It’s also great for making sure you have all food out of our teeth after dinner. And if dinner turns into an all night adventure…well, you’re ready to go the next morning.

6. Cell Phone

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Obviously you’re going to carry that iPhone with you at all times. In fact, it’s probably glued to your ear (or fingertips, you incessant texters). But the reason I’m putting this on the list is because your purse is where it needs to be. I’ve known way too many women who slide their phone into their back pocket. This brings on a multitude of problems.

First of all, you spend all that time trying to find the perfect jeans for your posterior, but you’re going to ruin it with a huge bulge in your pocket? It makes no sense. And secondly, what happens when you forget it’s there and sit down right on top of it? Crack! Save yourself the cost of a replacement phone and carry it in your purse.

7. Shout Wipes

Yes, you’re a lady and ladies have great table manners. However, no matter how prim and proper you might be, there’s always a chance you’re going to drip that wine or drop a crumb of your chocolate cake on your shirt. Do you really want to spend the rest of the night with a spot like that drawing everyone’s attention away from your eyes?

And all the negative attention aside, what happens when you can’t get the shirt in the wash in time and you’re left with spaghetti sauces stain on your favorite light colored top? Money down the drain—you may as well throw it in the trash. However, if you carry a couple of Shout Wipes in your handbag, you can minimize the damage, save your shirt, and get back to that wonderful evening you were having. Oh, and you could also save your date when he makes his own mess. After all, nothing says “sexy” like taking care of your man.

What else do you think every single woman’s purse should contain?


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