What is the current legal battle from Apple about?

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What is the current legal battle from Apple aboutApple have filed lawsuits against rival technology giants Samsung in dozens of countries. Some of them are still being decided in courts, some have already been decided. The latest decision, in Germany, has meant that the new Samsung Galaxy SIII is legally banned in the country alongside the Galaxy Tab. There are newer versions being released that have modified the software enough to be able to ship their product, but it is still a huge setback to have their flagship products banned in major countries like the US; countries that will invariably be contributing a huge amount to their sales.

Apple are no strangers to the courtroom. Back in the early 90′s when Windows was not yet an established operating system, Apple had already released an OS that, by and large, was what Microsoft’s Windows operating system would become. The legal battles went on for years, eventually leading to the case being thrown out with the ruling stating that it is not possible for someone to copyright a Graphical User Interface. Microsoft did however have to change the icons that they were using for the “Recycle Bin” part of the program.

Situations like these are fairly common in the realms of copyright law, especially when dealing with issues that arise from copyright of design or in some cases even implied design. Depending upon where the case is fought there maybe be several different outcomes. It is not uncommon for legal proceedings to continue for years only to be dropped by the claimant, or thrown out because of lack of evidence. It doesn’t stop companies from filing these suits though, and it will definitely not be the last one we see in our lifetime. As technology becomes more and more unified, cases like these will be all the more common. If you do want to see some of apples products visit Dial-A-Phone.co.uk.

Guest post by Lisa Taylor

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