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Ten Surefire Ways to Lose Your Job On Twitter or Facebook

Published by on July 31, 2012 under Office

Ten Surefire Ways to Lose Your Job On Twitter or FacebookSocial media has taken the world by storm, appearing from literally nowhere and spreading from University bedrooms around the globe with billions of users going online each day to tell people what they’re doing and what they’re thinking.

The problem with this is that many people – with or without knowing – post comments which could land them in significant hot water, either legally if the posts are severe enough, you only have to see the rising number of people arrested for racial or offensive Tweets for evidence of this; or professionally. A lot of Facebook and Twitter users are either friends with or followers of their employers and whether they mean to do it or not, regularly post work related content on their own pages. This means that their friends or followers, including their bosses, can see their views and if something is posted that the boss doesn’t like, you could find yourself in a hastily arranged meeting and out of work almost as quick.

So what sort of things have resulted in work-related action? Here are just ten examples of social media posts which have resulted in people being fired – so stay away unless you’re hoping to follow suit!

• “Working while hungover and trying to hide it…not going well!!” Posting that you’ve turned up for work significantly worse for wear isn’t something that your boss will be too pleased about. There are two suggestions here – either don’t go out on a work night, or keep your alcohol-related illness to yourself!
• “Just blagged my way out of trouble with the boss…” If for whatever reason you’re in trouble with your boss, don’t then go and boast about how you just lied to them to get out of it!
• “My boss is like Hitler” A common comment said verbally between friends, but probably best not to refer to them in such a manner over social media…not sure they’d be too appreciative.
• “Just had a power nap at work…much better! (And no-one noticed!)” Unless you have an allocated break time, don’t ever mention sleeping at work, this definitely won’t please the people paying your wages!
• “A little out of my depth at work. Probably shouldn’t have lied on the CV after all!” Most people put a little fib or two on their CVs, and while this is frowned upon, many have got jobs based on what they’ve put under the “experience” category. However, once they’re in the position and asked to do something using that skill and can’t, it’s probably not wise to mention that something that got you the job over another applicant was actually a lie…
• “Spending my day at work on Facebook” While many employers don’t mind their staff using social media – in some roles it’s part of the job – others won’t be too impressed to see you chatting away with friends and commenting on photos of Friday night’s antics all day.
• “Eugh, another ‘team building’ day” Some employers are all for sending staff on team building exercises to improve productivity and morale, so when they do, don’t complain about it. Enjoy the time off work and have fun with your colleagues, the company do it for a good reason.
• “Never work for…” While you might not be a fan of where you work, don’t broadcast that others shouldn’t work there. Keep this to yourself as others may enjoy their jobs and advertising that somewhere isn’t great to work will be a big black mark against your name with the bosses.
• “At work. Still drunk I think!” If being hungover at work causes problems, being still drunk is professional suicide! Never, ever, go to work drunk, and certainly don’t broadcast it.
• “Hate my boss!!” Of course, the big no no is to publicly broadcast your dislike for the person who pays your wages. Pack your bags!

This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, a UK-based writer aiming to help people look for jobs in Northampton and other areas of the United Kingdom.


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