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WarnLaser Razor 20mW UV Laser – Review

Published by on November 29, 2009 under Reviews

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Laser pointers are still among the preferred indicators during group meetings and presentations because they can be used to point to things even from a far distance. You can find them with red/orange, green, blue and yellow light beam and up to 5mW operating power, while there are also more powerful versions operating above 5mW, which are not considered standard laser pointers and, more than that, they’re illegal in some countries.

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When we received the 20mW ultraviolet laser from WarnLaser for review I didn’t know what else it can be used for besides pointing to things, but after doing some research I found out that there are many people who like to play with these lasers and even burn things with them, or create cool light patterns in the air. Well, for making light patterns any laser pointer is suitable, but if you want to burn balloons, or experiment on paper, then you need something more powerful.

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I can’t say what’s the limit between harmless laser pointers and powerful ones, but I would look for a 200mW green laser model if I’d want to do more with it. Green laser pointers are definitely the coolest because the light beam is the strongest.
While red lasers are the simplest, using a battery-powered laser diode, yellow lasers being unstable, blue and green laser pointers have a complex and complicated design.

The WarnLaser Razor 20mW UV laser uses fluorescent blue light that’s very close to ultraviolet and, depending on the type of material you are projecting the light on, the result can be blue or violet, but mostly violet.
It’s part of the Razor series which has a 30mW, 50mW, 100mW, 120mW, 150mW and a 200mW model. All these lasers power from two standard AAA batteries and use Sony Blue-Ray diodes.
Specifications include a size of 13 x 140 mm, 68 grams, 405nm wavelength, DC 3.2V working voltage, DV 2.8V trigger voltage, more than 5,000 hours lifespan, less than 1.6mRad beam divergence, 1.9mm beam diameter, the TEMoo transverse mode, CW operating mode, and a supported working temperature range of -10C to 50C.

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After testing the 20mW laser to see what I can do with it, I can tel you it’s not powerful enough to burn things, but you still can make nice light patterns and even point to stars, but for that you need a foggy night, otherwise you can’t see the beam. I had some fun at ten o’clock in the night scaring some children playing in the school yard and a few people coming on the alley under my balcony, as I live at the 7th floor.
This surely goes to the “Don’t do this at home!” category, but I didn’t manage to explain to myself what those 7-year old kids were doing at that late hour in the yard when the school was closed.
The distance between my balcony and the terrain in the school yard is long and I couldn’t see the laser beam, but only the beam’s end point moving on the field. The laser pointer can be used in daylight too, allowing you to the beam’s end which is visible within a shorter distance.

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This laser came in a nice black box with the WarnLaser logo in silver on its front, while on the back it has a contact phone number and the web address. Inside it we found the user manual and the laser pointer. In the instructional manual you can read the pointer’s description, user safety precautions, battery installation, operation, caution, and specifications, along with the scheme that shows how to insert the batteries.
The metallic laser pointer is pen-shaped so you can hang it on your shirt’s pocket, while the button that activates the light beam can be easily pressed using your forefinger. The light turns off as you release the button.

Overall it’s a quality laser pointer that I recommend for group presentations. Laser pointers in the WarnLaser Razor series have prices ranging from $99.99 to $379.99.

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1. Easy to use
2. You can use the included gift box for storage
3. Can be hanged on a pocket
4. The blue-violet light is much, much pleasant than the red light from common laser pointers.
5. Seems more durable and of higher quality than cheap red laser pointers

1. As long as there are much cheaper laser pointers for group presentations, such as those small red lasers that you can attach to the keychain, which are safer at 5mW, I can’t explain the high price of $99.99.

Still, if you like it, you can purchase it from WarnLaser, where you also can read more about it.

The review is the personal opinion of Ladies’ Gadgets based on the experience with the sample product sent by WarnLaser, which is the only compensation we received.


8 Replies to "WarnLaser Razor 20mW UV Laser – Review"

  1. davey says:

    The 200mw blue violet laser I bought at only cost 200 dollars.

  2. ercik says:

    wow, this laser pointer is pretty cool!

  3. Erickson says:

    The blue-violet laser pointer on the picture is looking pretty awesome. I love that kind of light color very much.

  4. Johney Yang says:

    I love the magical and charming beam coming out from the blue-violet laser pointer. The laser design is pretty beautiful.

  5. Alexander says:

    Sure,blue violet lasers is pretty cool! 😎 provides 100mw to 700mw green laser pointers,laser dazzlers,red laser pointers,405nm laser pointers,445nm laser pointers,473nm laser pointers,808nm laser pointers,980nm laser pointers,1064nm laser pointers and waterproof green laser pointers,ir filter green laser pointers,focusable green laser pointers,titanium green laser pointers,etc.

  6. Pink Laser Pointer says:

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  7. blackmagicdude says:

    wow I got the exact same laser from

  8. David says:

    This is a warning: Do not buy anything from Chen Wenjie (Zachary TurtenWald). I asked for a refund and mailed the laser back to him per his instructions. He never picked it up upon arrival and it was returned 4 months later to my return address. He/they have since refused to refund my purchase even after I told him to send a return label. The laser 3W IR didn’t have a focus of more than 8 inches. Until I receive a refund, I’m warning everyone away from this rip off artist!!!

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