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The Wake Happy Smart Pillow

Published by on June 10, 2014 under Home

Wake Happy Smart Pillow (1)

Wake Happy is a new type of pillow that integrates several functions destined to help you sleep better and wake up happy. The pillow has a built-in display that shows the time for the clock function and uses automatic LED light dimming and brightness adjustment so it won’t bother you when you wake up in the night to check the time.

When you raise your head off the pillow, you can see the time, but the light goes off when you put your head back on the pillow. Besides this, the pillow has an anti-snoring function. When it detects the user snoring three times within one minute, it starts to vibrate.

Wake Happy charges wirelessly using inductive charging while in the slip charging module under the pillow.

Wake Happy Smart Pillow (2)

You can also pair the pillow with your phone via Bluetooth to set the songs for the wake-up alarm, the time, the anti-snoring vibration intensity, and the light intensity. This can be done in the smartphone app.

Wake Happy will come in white, blue, pink, and brown, at the retail price of around $185, but you can pre-order yours now for $125 from the project’s page at Indiegogo.

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