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VocoPro Launches the Digital-1 Wireless Microphone System

Published by on November 13, 2016 under Fun


Musicians and bands can be happy now. VocoPro launched their new digital wireless microphone system, which is affordable for all.

They came with this Digital-1 microphone featuring a full wireless system with a mic-on-chip technology to broadcast audio with crystal clear sound. Unlike other wireless 2.4GHz microphones, the model uses the 900 MHz frequency band, which is far from the TV broadcasting stations range in order to eliminate the problem of the interference caused to wireless microphones.


Powered by a 1200mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the microphone’s performance time is up to 14 hours when fully charged. Made of aluminum, it has a durable construction and can withstand accidental falls and hits.
The microphone comes with a receiver featuring a high-resolution LCD display that shows the power of the signal, the channel and the battery status.


• Operates in 900 MHz band, free of TV broadcast interference
• Built-in frequency analyzer to scan for environmental interference
• Digital PLL frequency customization to dozens of channels
• Color LCD display with signal strength and battery status indicators
• Dual antenna circuit for enhanced reception
• Large capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery
• Digitally encrypted signal for maximum privacy

The pricing for Digital-1 wireless microphone system from VocoPro will start at 199$.

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