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The USB Typewriter

Published by on May 16, 2012 under Home

The USB Typewriter

This is one of those unique gadgets that first was a concept and everyone loved it so it became a real product that you have the possibility to buy online. Called the USB Typewriter, the device replicates the way people used a classic typewriter, but this time on a computer, iPad tablet or a smartphone.

The idea comes from Jack Zylkin and enables the look and feel of an old mechanic typewriter. It works as a keyboard that plugs into one of the USB ports of your system, supporting functions characteristic to keyboards, such as CTRL, ALT, ESC, and the arrow keys.

The USB Typewriter

Find it online at UncommonGoods at $799.


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  1. laurie says:

    Love it!! I’ve just got myself a cheap loan for a new iPad, now I want one of these too!! 😮

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