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Upright Ergo Adjustable Workstation

Published by on September 21, 2015 under Office

Upright Ergo Adjustable Workstation (1)

We all know that sitting for long periods of time can damage our health, but these days we sit more than ever before while working on the computer, or filling papers. Doctors say that prolonged sitting increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, and others. At the same time, standing many hours gives us back pains. That’s why the Upright Ergo was developed as a solution to both situations.

This is a workstation with adjustable height which allows you to work either sitting or standing. It’s constructed from anodized aluminum with phenolic board and comes in silver/white or black/black.

Upright Ergo supports up to two monitors and you can add a desktop computer, phone, office supplies, notepad, and many other items that you work with.

Upright Ergo Adjustable Workstation (1)
Upright Ergo Adjustable Workstation (1)

Read more about it at Kickstarter. The estimated retail price is of $325 and shipments will start in November.


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