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Unique Contemporary Pool Tables

Published by on February 12, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


I recognize that I wasn’t planning to write about pool tables today but I stumbled upon an article about the transparent pool table from nottage design and I got this idea of searching for the most unique contemporary pool tables I could find on the Internet.
Check the pictures and brief details and leave a comment with your opinion if you like them.


1.As I was saying, the model that caught my attention was this G-1 table created by nottage design and announced earlier this month.
It is unique in that it’s the world’s first fully transparent pool table equipped with the latest technologies for making it very durable and reliable.
I don’t know how it works for professional pool players, but I love pool and I know I’d like to have it in my home.

G-1 features transparent playing area with a glass top and a patented resin playing surface called Vitrik, as you can see in the image. It’s mechanism includes the ball return, while the glass surface imitates the rolling resistance of standard surfaces encountered in clubs.
Specifications include 15-mm thickness, up to 6 times stronger than standard glass, lightweight, and several color options for the frame.
The G-1 transparent pool table sells for no less than $39,900 Australian Dollars.


2. For those who enjoy playing pool for long hours, the Executive Pool Table is the perfect solution as it comes equipped with an LCD TV, stereo speakers, DVD player, a cool and spacey bar for your drinks, and enough light for use during night.
It is available at $12,000.


3.An alternative would be also this pool table concept designed by freshwest. It is made from 50-mm acrylic and imitates the look of still water in a real swimming pool.


4. This table available for $22,499.99 at Triangle Billiards is a custom pool table model called the Island Paradise. It looks impressive for occasional games and features airbrushed tropical-themed imagery.


5. …but if you want something really unique and stunning, check this pool table. It is custom made and probably very cheap.


6. …or this water-resistant pool table that you could use right in your swimming pool during open-air parties.
You may get one from All Weather Billiards & Gaming for a price of around $10,000.


7. My favourite is the superb Dominic Gerard Federal Eagle Pool Table provided by Baller Toys for no less than $34,750.
Inspired by the Eagle of the United States Federal Reserve, this unique pool table symbolizes the American wealth and power and is made from high-quality solid red mahogany and black Italian granite solid state rails, including mother of pearl diamond inlays.
This is a limited edition consisting of just 100 units included in the Un du Cent collection.

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