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The Ultimate Misfit Gift Contest From Isotoner

Published by on December 11, 2011 under Giveaways

The Ultimate Misfit Gift Contest From Isotoner

Contests based on photo submission are always fun, but this time I want to suggest you to participate in a new image submission contest that’s both fun and engaging. Do you remember when you received the most misfit gift that made you feel uncomfortable or even weird, but because you had a nice relationship with that person you couldn’t say anything? I don’t know, maybe you were too old for that toy, or someone gave you a rare meat specialty forgetting you are a vegetarian, or maybe the gift was a cheap item that had no use in your home. Well, if you’re already smiling because you remembered, take a photo of that gift and upload it to the Ultimate Misfit Gift Contest launched by Isotoner.

You have until December 22 to submit your photo and add a catchy title to get the chance to win a People’s Choice Award and a pair of high-quality Isotoner smartTouch gloves. After the submission you can start voting for the most hilarious photos of other participants. This way you get the chance to win another pair of touchscreen gloves.

The prize is a pair of Isotoner smartTouch gloves designed to allow you to browse the web, compose messages and play games in the cold, without taking off your gloves. The special design features conductive thread on the thumb and index finger for high precision when using the touchscreen. The palm area is non-slip, while the gloves are also water-repellent.

Stay tuned because we will give away a pair of touchscreen gloves soon!


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