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The TV Clean LCD Screen Cleaner – Review

Published by on October 7, 2009 under Reviews

1 The TV Clean LCD Screen Cleaner – Review

The product we are reviewing today is TV Clean, a small device created by MESO Design and Teknek, which brings the LCD cleaning technology from screen manufacturers into your home.
Designed to clean not only your LCD TV, but also your cell phone’s or laptop’s display, TV Clean is a handy tool that can be used every time you want to remove the dust to enable a clearer viewing experience.

It consists of a blue rubber roller that captures all the dust particles down to 1 Micron and a white adhesive roll that cleans the rubber roller, keeping all the dust stuck to it.

It allows you to clean your TV in several seconds by gently rolling the TV Clean on the screen’s surface in any direction you want. The replaceable adhesive roll provides 24 peelable sheets, and you can use one sheet for cleaning about three times, until it it becomes full of dust and you have to remove it.

2 The TV Clean LCD Screen Cleaner – Review
3 The TV Clean LCD Screen Cleaner – Review
4 The TV Clean LCD Screen Cleaner – Review
5 The TV Clean LCD Screen Cleaner – Review
6 The TV Clean LCD Screen Cleaner – Review

It’s obvious why this cleaning process is easier and safer than when using a cleaning cloth. You won’t inhale dust particles that can cause serious health problems, while your hands remain clean.
It’s safer for the screen’s surface too, as it doesn’t use solvents or other substances that could damage it, and you won’t need your cleaning cloth anymore either. The device comes with a special cloth that’s called the MicroFiber Ecowipe, which can be used for cleaning other things in the home, too.
Microfiber is the recommended material when it comes to cleaning LCD displays. It’s special properties allows it to remove grease spots and stubborn dirt without leaving scratches.
When we used the one included in the combo we first removed the dust from the displays and then used the cloth to remove some fingerprints.

The device is small, lightweight and attractive, so you can store it wherever you like, even keep it next to the TV, just to reach it quickly when you need it. In addition, it works with any type of flat surface, including mirrors and furniture, or screens with glass or plastic coating.

How to clean a laptop LCD screen with TV Clean:

How it cleans an old Panasonic TV:

You can purchase the TV Clean Combo Pack including the MicroFiber Ecowipe from for £24.99. If you need only the TV Clean Adhesive Rolls, you can get them in packs of three for £11.99, while the Microfiber Ecowipes 3-pack is available at a price of £9.99.

Personally I used LCD cleaning sprays and a microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt spots from my TVs and monitor, and I can say I was satisfied by those products. Still, here are the reasons why I like TV Clean more and what could be improved:

What I like:
1. It removes all the dust, making the screen look new.
2. It’s only one device needed for cleaning instead of two, so it’s easier to store.
3. It’s easier to use than a cloth and a spray.
4. It doesn’t spread dust around, which is great for people with allergies, and doesn’t leave my hands dirty either.
5. I can use it whenever I wish and don’t need to set a specific time for cleaning.
6. I need to get a new adhesive roll after about five months if I use one sheet every week to clean my three displays. The time interval may vary depending on how much dust is in your home, and how many displays you have to clean.
7. Anyone can use it, even children and elderly.
8. It looks nice and stylish, matching any room decor.

What I’d change or add:

1. Maybe the price is high when compared to a microfiber cloth and spray bundle that can be purchased for around $10.
2. It would be nice to have more color options.

That’s it. You can read more about the TV Clean on its official website.

The review is the personal opinion of Ladies’ Gadgets based on the experience with the sample product sent by Teknek, which is the only compensation we received.

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  1. Bogdan Epureanu says:

    Too complex for an easy task.

  2. Yes you can. It will clean the dust on the surface of your screen protector.

  3. This lcd screen cleaner looks very useful and durable.Hoping to get one myself.

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