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TuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway

Published by on July 2, 2010 under Giveaways

TuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway

Like many of you, I enjoy listening to the music while working on the computer or cleaning my room. It energizes me and makes working more pleasant.
Before I begin removing the dust and cleaning things around, I need to create a playlist with my favorite songs that match my current mood. Sometimes I enjoy listening to pop or Latino music and other times hip-hop is what makes me feel fresh. There is a little problem though, that I’m sure many of you would like to forget about – some tracks have missing information and when you need to add them to your playlist you just can’t find them.

The software I’m reviewing today comes with the right tools for cleaning your playlists and complete your tracks’ details. It is called TuneUp and we’ve received a license for review from TuneUp Media. It currently works with both Windows Media Player and iTunes.

I have been using TuneUp for several days already and I can say it’s a great software for anyone who wants to get rid of “Unknown Artist”– or “Track 10”-like entries from the playlist, without deleting the songs. This is the smartest feature of this application – it cleans playlists automatically by finding all the details about your songs. Then you become in charge with choosing which fields to fill with the information provided.

I was curious to see how TuneUp does its job, as on the official website it says it cleans mislabeled music, fills in missing cover art, displays concert alerts based on the music in your playlist and shows YouTube music videos, artist bios, items you can buy and many others.

TuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway
TuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway

TuneUp Companion Review and GiveawayTuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway
TuneUp Companion Review and GiveawayTuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway

Installation and basic settings:
TuneUp is very easy to install and setup. As you can see in the screenshots, it installs like any other Windows software and you only have to fill in your account details and select which media player application you want TuneUp to dock with. This way you’ll make sure your TuneUp will open with either Windows Media Player or iTunes on the right side of the media player so you can have it always handy.
In the Preferences tab you can select your preferred language.
You’ll discover the rest of the settings while using the program. It has an intuitive user interface and logic settings so it won’t give you headaches.

TuneUp Companion and Windows Media Player

TuneUp Companion Review and GiveawayTuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway
TuneUp Companion Review and GiveawayTuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway
TuneUp Companion Review and GiveawayTuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway

The interface:
As I was telling you, TuneUp features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface which also looks attractive. I’ve used the application with both Windows Media Player – my favorite – and iTunes and I can tell you that using it with iTunes is more pleasant and fun because you can drag-and-drop songs into TuneUp directly from the playlist. This feature is not supported in Windows Media Player, but you can right-click on a song or a selection of songs and “Send to TuneUp” via the menu.
Besides this, there are moments when TuneUp doesn’t load in Windows Media Player and you need to check to see if it’s activated as a plug-in in the View menu.
After all it doesn’t matter which player you use because the result will be the same.

TuneUp Companion and iTunes

TuneUp Companion Review and GiveawayTuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway
TuneUp Companion Review and GiveawayTuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway
TuneUp Companion Review and GiveawayTuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway
TuneUp Companion Review and GiveawayTuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway
TuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway

Things you can do with TuneUp:
Having TuneUp in the right side of your favorite player allows you to access five cool features:

-Clean your mislabeled music (Clean)
Here you can send up to 500 songs at a time and TuneUp will start finding and displaying all the details about each. How can it do that? Well, it creates uniquely identifiable acoustic fingerprints and sends these to an online reference database to sort them through multiple matches. And believe me – it never makes mistakes.

-Find your missing cover at (Cover Art)
As soon as you enter this section, TuneUp starts to look for and display cover arts for the songs in your playlist. You can then save all or some of them.

-Explore your world of music (Tuniverse)
By accessing Tuniverse in the application, you immediately get music content related to the song currently playing. You get video clips, artist bios, concert notifications based on the location you set, album recommendations, tickets, posters, shirts, CDs and others available for sale on eBay, as well as the option to let your friends on Twitter know what you are listening to. The Auto option for Twitter will update your status every time the song changes in the playlist.

-Never miss another show (Concerts)
This section is dedicated to concert information. It displays all the upcoming concerts for the preset location.

-Why keep your music to yourself? Share your Tuniverse with friends. (Share)
This sharing feature is available for Facebook users who can display information about their favorite music on Facebook so others can see.

For me at least, TuneUp seems to be the best media player companion. It allows me to keep my playlists clean and complete with music details and related updates. I recommend it to all the computer users who love music.

How to get the TuneUp companion:
The application is available in two versions. You can download TuneUp Lite from the official website and use it on Mac or Windows to clean up to 100 songs and save up to 50 Cover Arts.
The full version is called simply TuneUp Gold and enables unlimited clean-ups and unlimited Cover Art saves for a reasonable price of $29.95.
If you want the subscription-based full version you can check TuneUp Annual for which you would have to spend $19.95 for the first year and then decide if to go for the Gold version.

TuneUp Media and are giving away one TuneUp Gold license! The giveaway is open worldwide and you can get up to 6 entries if you follow all the steps:

Main entry method: First you have to leave a comment here to tell us what you think about TuneUp. You can download TuneUp Lite and tell us what’s your favorite feature of the application.
Optional entry #1 (adds 2 extra entries): You can help us spread the word about the giveaway on Twitter by Tweeting the link and details. Please leave the link to your Tweet in the comment.
Optional entry #2 (adds 3 more entries): If you have a blog you can post about the giveaway. Like with Tweeter, don’t forget to leave the link to your post in the comment.

The giveaway will close on July 16 and the winner of the TuneUp Gold license will be announced the next day in a new post and via email. Good luck to all! 😎

Update: The giveaway has ended and comments were closed, but you can continue the discussion and see who won the license here.


24 Replies to "TuneUp Companion Review and Giveaway"

  1. Dana says:

    Wow! This is a great software! I love music and I could use one! 🙂

  2. Kimi says:

    After trying Tuneup Companion Lite I can surely say it’s the best application in its class. It saved me a lot of headaches trying to get metadata in my mp3 collection. My iPod Touch looks a lot prettier now not seeing all those grey thing on my iPod.

  3. Timothy Chalfant says:

    It sounds interesting!!! I have a lot of mp3 with no names!!!

  4. Sue says:

    I would love to have tuneup since I will probably use itunes for school.

  5. vasi says:

    WOOW!It so interesting!Use to work for funny!

  6. Ghita Aurora Mirela says:

    TuneUp Utilities tried before and I was extremely happy with what can and, in terms Tune Up Gold, I’d love to have him! Is a software that I should not miss anyone. From what I read, his characteristics are excellent. My favorite feature is that it puts greater emphasis on and also mp3s, music, music is my life mea.Scuzati English and grammatical mistakes but not speak it perfectly.

  7. fellowweb says:

    As my iTunes library requires considerably work, especially TuneUp’s features for music recognition via acoustic fingerprints and adding missing cover art are appealing to me. I’d be wonderful to win.

    In addition, here’s my tweet:

  8. kika says:

    So good… wonderful

  9. Laura says:

    my hubby is a musician so i’m sure he could use this

  10. Angela Winesburg says:

    It sounds awesome, my husband records music and he would love it, thanks!

  11. Haylee says:

    What a great idea! I’d love to win this.

  12. Ezzy says:

    wow i think the best feature is of cleaning up mislabeled songs. i usually have so much trouble with it in my itunes since i have songs upto 700+. Its hard to keep a track of these mislabeled songs. wish to win this 🙂

  13. Dhesh says:

    These features sound fabulous but my favourite is the labelling of music that is unknown or mislabelled.

    dhesh at webmail dot co dot za

  14. Lola says:

    Joining last minute: 😉

    I think TuneUp’s greates feature is its ability to recognize music and to correct all the album information etc. I’d love to win! Would greatly help my iTunes mess. 😉

  15. kelsey @ kelseytoney says:

    I think the greatest part of tune up is that it can actually listen to an untitled song and discover who it is! It is like shazam and itunes made a magical music loving baby!! 😀


  16. susan smoaks says:

    this would help me get all my music labeled

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