Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is traveling

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The first things that need to be packed for a vacation are obvious – clothes, toiletries, money, travel documents, for example. But once they are safely stowed, there are a number of other items that can help to make a dream vacation even better. Be sure to find some luggage space for these small but useful items – they’ll enhance any trip, be it close to home or somewhere exotic.

Digital camera

Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is travelingCatch every magical moment of that dream vacation with a digital camera with video capabilities. Stunning high-resolution images and movies can be taken, stored and shared on a palm-sized camera, so every moment can be relived again and again.



Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is travelingReading by the pool or on the beach is a fun vacation activity, but packing a stack of heavy books isn’t. The solution is an e-reader; lightweight and easy to slip into a suitcase or purse, this little gadget means a new book is available at the touch of a button, no matter how quickly this season’s bestseller is finished.





Travel iron

Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is travelingDon’t let creases spoil a special holiday outfit; a mini steam iron will quickly solve the problem of suitcase-crumpled clothes. Easy to use in even small spaces, it will have clothes looking stylish and cared-for in no time.



Folding fan

Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is travelingA folding battery-operated fan is perfect for vacations under canvas or in a camper van. It keeps pleasantly cool air circulating in excessively hot temperatures, and can also help keep food fresh in warm picnic spots.





Cell phone

Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is travelingStaying in touch nowadays is so easy with a cell phone with internet connectivity. Integral GPS can prevent tourists getting lost, and access to the internet enables travelers to search for information about destinations, choose sightseeing options and find cheap flights before or even during the vacation.



Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is travelingPalm-sized hair straighteners, with ceramic plates, are a neat little gadget that tucks away in a suitcase, and will keep hair looking smooth and chic at all times. Alternatively, a ceramic plate mini curling iron will create soft, natural curls without taking up much room in the luggage.




Cosmetics and jewelry bag

Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is travelingA smart way to have all indispensable grooming products and jewelry within easy reach is a hanging bag, which clips neatly on the back of a door and holds cosmetics and other personal items. The clear pockets and upright design make everything easy to organize, so bathroom and beauty essentials are easily located.




Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is travelingA sensible item to include is a miniature flashlight that fits into a purse or pocket. It can help in finding the way back to travel accommodation after dark, and also allows travelers in shared accommodation to read at night without disturbing other companions.



MP4 Player

Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is travelingMake long journeys more pleasurable by plugging in an MP4 player and drifting off to some relaxing music. Movies and audio books can be a great way to pass the time on long-haul flights or long bus rides too.





Universal charger

Top ten essential gadgets when a lady is travelingAvoid flat batteries on electronic gadgets when traveling. A universal charger comes with international adapters and will keep phones, MP4 players and e-readers in power, anywhere in the world, without the need for multiple chargers.

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