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Top Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone Cover

Published by on March 7, 2014 under Mobile

Top Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone CoverPhone fans tend to crave their next upgrade, but you don’t always need to upgrade to a brand new phone. You can get a lot of satisfaction out of simply changing your cover or case. Apple iPhone covers come in a number of styles, but we tend not to peruse more than a few of them when we go looking for phones. The following are the top three reasons a new phone cover can be a great thing.

The first reason is always style. You can get a lot of very dramatic looks out of a phone cover. It’s easy to first think of bright colors and floral patterns, as these are the most common cases you’ll see at the mall or in a department store. However, if you look for more specialized models, you’ll find that there are a number of unique options. Custom phone cases can be made with your favorite images or lettering. Monogrammed cases are very popular. You can even vary your case for style reasons; a matte black case makes for an excellent formal style to go alongside a black dress or a sport coat, for instance. Your phone is as much an accessory as a piece of jewelery is, so why not make sure it matches what’s in your wardrobe?

Next up is function. There are a number of different cases purpose-built for different things. Some cases come with built-in straps to hold your phone securely to your arm or leg while you exercise. Some have hard, sturdy edges to protect your phone from shock in case it is dropped. Others are designed for maximum accessibility and ease of use with a stylus or other precision instrument. There’s no reason not to sleeve your phone into different cases periodically as the situation demands. It can be a great way to keep your phone from breakage or other tragedy if you take the time to use the right case for different situations.

Finally, upgrading your phone cover is a good way to curb your desire for a brand new phone entirely. Having a different case in your hand that better fits with your style, necessary function or some other purpose can in many ways be tantamount to having a brand new phone entirely, depending on what you want a new phone for. If you can be satisfied with something other than additional RAM, a better camera or other features, go for a new case first.

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