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Top Gadgets for Women in Business

Published by on October 11, 2012 under Mobile

Top Gadgets for Women in BusinessBusiness executives need to be contactable virtually 24/7 these days, fortunately there are a number of useful gadgets on the market that help to achieve fast and reliable communications, and make organizing work and home life a whole lot easier. A slim, elegant laptop, tablet or notebook is more or less taken for granted as the key essential for organizing documents, sending and receiving emails, presentations, calendars, databases and much more, and there a number of ancillary devices that can enhance the power of a computer and make life a whole lot easier.


Smartphones have been around for a while now and are established as an essential tool in any businesswoman’s armory. The newest kid on the block, the Apple iPhone 5, is in great demand right now and Mac fans will be queuing up to add its functionality to their existing setup. The slimmer, lighter and finer dimensions create a feminine impression and this phone has an improved, powerful chip so it can do more, more quickly than its predecessors. For example, the camera on the iPhone 5 is much quicker to operate than the camera on the iPhone 4s. The screen is much clearer, making map-reading easier, and the iPhone 5 comes complete with the satnav TomTom app – a real boon for the busy woman who travels a lot.

An array of available apps allows information held on a computer to synchronize with a smartphone, so office documents are available even when the computer is not. VoIP allows free and cheap telephone calls to be made; always useful when checking into the office or checking up on the babysitter. With any smartphone, a package that includes a removable free sim card means it’s easy to switch devices without losing valuable information.


Surely based on those Star Trek communications devices, I’M Watch is one of many versions of a clever little gadget that is worn on the wrist, linking to a smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth. A glance at the device can reveal the latest information on calls, texts and emails. Smartwatch technology has been around for some time and in some cases is still in development, but the technology is getting better, battery life is being improved and more and more prototypes are being taken seriously.

When in business meetings, it is much easier to glance at a wristwatch and decide which calls might signal a home emergency, and which should automatically generate an ‘unable to reply at this time’ text. This is a very useful gadget with great potential for further development.


Many businesswomen travel with a smartphone and a laptop; some may also have a kindle, a tablet or a camera in tow. This is all useful equipment and all of it needs one essential accessory – a charger. Yet, it’s rare to find somewhere to plug in four or five different devices, whether in a hotel room, on a train or even in the company office, without encountering endless trailing cables and wires.

An all-in-one charger, the PowerSquid has five, or sometimes six, outlets attached to one hub that can be plugged into a single power source and will charge all the connected devices at the same time. The PowerSquid is ideal when traveling and is just as useful at home.

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