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Top 6 Benefits of Vaping as Opposed to Smoking

Published by on October 17, 2018 under Outdoors

Vaping and smoking, both methods of getting nicotine into your body, have for a long time now been involved in a controversial debate about which is better. Smoking involves lighting dead and dry plant materials, especially leaves, while vaping is a method of heating plant materials with controlled temperatures with the aim of vaporizing everything and later inhale it. There have been contrasting arguments about health benefits and potential risks, which are all known to people. However, vaping seems to have the edge over smoking regarding the nicotine that an individual takes into his body.

1. Vaping Has Controlled Nicotine Levels

It is universally known that nicotine is one of the leading causes of severe diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease in the world. Smoking contains significant amounts of nicotine while vaporing contains controlled amounts of nicotine. Therefore, smoking increases an individual’s chances of getting the diseases highlighted above while vaping does not. In some countries like Australia, vaping does not contain elements of nicotine, which makes it a better option as compared to smoking.

2. Less Harmful Chemicals

Besides the massive amounts of nicotine present in cigarettes, other harmful chemicals have the potential to harm an individual. The act of smoking is known to produce about 24 chemicals some of which have extreme effects on the lungs of an individual. These chemicals include arsenic, ammonia, cyanide, and carbon monoxide among others. You will never get such harmful chemicals when vaping. Some of the substances present in ZampleBox’s best e juice include PG, VG, and flavoring. You will be surprised to find that PG and VG are some of the food flavors that are FDA approved.

3. Not Addictive

Drugs that cause addiction are harmful and are not in any way suitable for human health. Health organizations and other bodies have been discouraging individuals from using drugs that have high addiction levels. Due to the high levels of nicotine in smoking, individuals are highly addicted and find it difficult to leave this product. On the other hand, vaping contains very low and sometimes no nicotine. This explains why individuals can stop vaping without difficulties.

4. Not Harmful to the Environment

Everybody around the world is complaining about how environmental degradation is having extreme global effects such as flooding, drought, melting of ice caps, and raised levels of water bodies. It is evident that smoking is playing a critical role in the environmental degradation through fires that burn vast tracks of land due to carelessness. Tobacco and litter produced through smoking are problems by themselves and have played a vital role in the issue that individuals are experiencing today. Vaping does not contribute to any environmental degradation but ends up increasing the amount of moisture content in the air. There is a significant contrast between the two and individuals should choose to vape for its benefits.

5. Less Harmful to Others

Smoking produces a choking odor that is quite not good for the people in close vicinity. It is also known that the higher amounts of nicotine produced when smoking is likely to affect the other person, passive smoker, and sometimes leads to coronary diseases. This means that cigarettes have double negative impacts, to the user and the person in the close vicinity. Vaping does not produce any smoke and cannot harm a person in the near vicinity. The odor produced by E-cigar through the flavors is even pleasant to the individuals around. If you enter a room where a person was vaping some minutes ago, all you will get is a pleasant aroma.

6. Helps Quit Smoking

Vaping is currently used as the best alternative to quitting smoking. It is commonly known that individuals who want to stop smoking start to vape so that they can maintain flavor while at the same time reducing the amount of nicotine that they are inhaling in their bodies. If a person vapes for three months, there is a higher probability that he will quit smoking. There was an argument that vaping is encouraging youths in the United States to smoke, but an extensive research study showed that the number of smokers in the United States has significantly reduced as they use vaping as the better option.

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