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The Tongue Key Holder

Published by on July 16, 2014 under Decor

Tongue Key Holder (2)

Have you been looking for a fun item that you could use to decorate your home entrance area in order to surprise guests? Meninos introduced the Tongue Key Holder, which is not only useful but also funny.

This is a key holder shaped like a tongue coming our from a mouth and I like that it looks pretty realistic and minimalist at the same time.

Tongue Key Holder (1)

As you already guessed, the holder features powerful magnets, which allows you to stick keys to it. If you set the holder near the door, the keys become accessible whenever you need to leave home, so you won’t have to waste time trying to remember where you’ve placed them.

You can set the key holder on a metallic surface, in case you don’t want it on the wall, and stick metallic items weighing up to that of 15 keys.

Get the Tongue Key Holder from Meninos for $12.90.

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