Tokyo Flash Kisai RPM Acetate

Tokyo Flash Kisai RPM Acetate

Published by on June 3, 2011 under Mobile

Tokyo Flash Kisai RPM Acetate

The Kisai RPM Acetate limited edition LED watch is a remake of the original RPM watch that came in stainless steel. It’s also the first watch created by Tokyo Flash which is made of Acetate.

Acetate is a lightweight, durable fabric with a deep gloss and silk finish, that can be easily cleaned. Enhanced with a seamless butterfly clasp, the watch comes in original colors (available with blue digital tube LEDs). Featuring light-up animation feature (ideal for night-time), each part of the design has been individually hand cut, machined and polished before assembly. It’s also USB rechargeable.

Purchases at Tokyo Flash, for $159.99.

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