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Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your Tablet

Published by on March 21, 2014 under Mobile

Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your Tablet

In 2014, nearly half of all computers sold will be tablets, and there’s never been a wider variety of options to consider when you decide to upgrade. Tablets excel at portability, and with the increasing number of Wi-Fi hotspots around cities today – especially those provided by– these devices can access the internet from almost anywhere. There are plenty of things to consider, from the pricing point to the operating system. Here’s all the help you will need when you make the leap to your next device.

The first thing to consider is how you are going to use it. If you’re looking for business solutions, you’ll want a full-size tablet with an external keyboard. Others offer pen input and enhanced multitasking. If you’re after games, the App Store for the iPad has an extensive list of programs. Android is catching up with powerful CPUs and graphic chips, however. If you are intending for your children to use it, you’ll want a tablet with extensive parental controls. There are even some tablets, like the Fuhu, that are tailored specifically for children.

The next step is size. From the 7 inch google nexus to the huge 10 inch galaxy note, there’s a tablet to suit any buyer. The devices on the smaller end of the spectrum are lightweight and perfect for fitting in a bag. While they only require one hand to use, they may not provide the immersive experience you’re looking for. The bigger tablets provide a fantastic platform for web browsing and creating documents, but they sacrifice portability. Find the size that works best for your lifestyle.

The operating system is nearly the most important decision to make regarding your tablet. The main options are iOS 7, Android and Windows 8.1. Although iPad has pioneered tablets, Android is looking to account for 65% of the sales in 2014. Windows tablets are also rapidly increasing in popularity. If your looking for a super simple interface and more apps than you could ever possibly use, Apple is your best bet. If you’re looking for a more personalised interface that offers plenty of room for customization, Android offers many options that can alter the look and feel of your device to your specifications. While powerful, it may prove daunting for novice users. Finally, Windows tablets are slick and easy to customize. Although the store doesn’t currently hold many apps, it may prove to be a strong contender this year.

Last, but equally important, is how much you want to spend. Tablet prices can vary incredibly wildly, from $150 for an ASUS MemoPad to a $1000 Microsoft Surface Pro. Generally, android devices tend to be cheaper while Microsoft products are at the higher end. One thing is for certain, if you’re looking for a quality tablet, you’ll need to spend more than $100. Above all, have a clear understanding of what you want from a tablet, and don’t be pressured in to spending more for something you will not use.


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