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Thermo-Hygrometer From BudgetGadgets - Review and Giveaway! (7)

Hi all! First I’d like to thank BudgetGadgets for sending us two of these cute thermo-hygrometers – one for you and one for us to review and show it to you in detail.
I’m sure most of you had or have a thermo-hygrometer in your home and use to check the temperature and humidity from time to time, and that’s great, because this will help you leave the right comment after finishing reading our review, and get a chance to win this device. Others have probably already seen such devices in friends’ homes, but were never curious to know more about what it can do and how it would help improve your life.
Well, things are very simple when it comes to thermo-hygrometers. You can find these in different shapes and sizes, most of which being designed to be attached on the wall.

The thermo-hygrometer here has a different design though, coming in a round, slim and small shape, which not only allows you to set it on a desk near the computer, or in your office, close to the picture frame of your family members, but being so small to not occupy much space you can hide it in any corner if you don’t want it to be visible.
The other option is to attach it on a wall, as it features a hooking hole in addition to the adjustable stand in the back, as you can see in the images.
Anyway, it would look cute in any place you set it, even as a decorating object.

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About thermo-hygrometers: Mechanical vs Electronic

Now I want to take you a bit deeper into the story of thermo-hygrometers and tell you a few general things about what they are and how they work.
A thermo-hygrometer is an affordable device that measures and displays the temperature and humidity levels in your room environment. With the temperature measurement everything should be clear, so let’s see what you should know about a hygrometer.
There are two types available on the market – mechanical and electronic hygrometers. You can differentiate between the two easily, as mechanical hygrometers have a pointer and dial display, while modern electronic hygrometers feature an LCD display for showing the temperature and humidity, and are powered by batteries.
Mechanical hygrometers can be found at half the price of electronic models and don’t require batteries to function.

I guess the final decision you make when choosing which one to buy is the overall look and price, because both function about the same.
If a mechanical model can stick sometimes if the humidity level doesn’t change for a long time, electronic ones can slow to respond to humidity changes.
When it comes to accuracy, mechanical hygrometers are very accurate once calibrated, while electronic hygrometers can become inaccurate in lower humidity ranges, such as below 30% RH.
The final aspect will probably make you go for a mechanical hygrometer. In case some become inaccurate you have the possibility to calibrate them easily, using common household tools, and by adjusting the pointer. It’s advisable to do this once a year.
Unfortunately, this is not the case of electronic hygrometers, which cannot be calibrated in any way.

The thermo-hygrometer that we prepared for you is a mechanical type and will really help you know when to change the rooms’ temperature and humidity during this hot summer.

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Why would you buy a hydrometer

Going further let’s see which are the top eight key reasons you should get a thermo-hygrometer:

1.Condensation on windows
2. Lots of molt on your walls and ceiling
3. Uncomfortable smells
4. Allergic reactions
5. Breathing problems
6. Electronic equipment and furniture damages
7. Asthma symptoms
8. Children’s health becomes affected

All of these problems appear if you stay too long in an environment with too high or too low humidity. Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air, and is measured as RH, which means Relative Humidity. Relative Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air relative to the maximum amount the air can hold at the current temperature in the room.
Recommended RH is between of 30% and 50% and the only way to find out what’s the level in your room is to add a hygrometer.

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Safe humidity levels

Our hygrometer here has three color indicators for the low, normal and high humidity levels, so it is ok to check it from time to time and make sure it indicates between 40% and 70% RH on the green range.
After setting it in one of your rooms, leave it for a while there, let’s say for about two hours, and then go and check it. If it indicates a humidity level within the blue range you can start using a humidifier to add more water vapors into the air. In case it raises above the normal limit you can simply turn on the air conditioning.

Calibrating a hygrometer

Thermo-Hygrometer From BudgetGadgets - Review and Giveaway! (10)
Thermo-Hygrometer From BudgetGadgets - Review and Giveaway! (11)
Thermo-Hygrometer From BudgetGadgets - Review and Giveaway! (12)
Thermo-Hygrometer From BudgetGadgets - Review and Giveaway!

I was telling you earlier about the calibration. As this is a mechanical termo-hygrometer you can easily calibrate it using the following items found in almost any home:

- 125ml of table salt
- 50ml of tap water
- a coffee mug
- a 5L zipper bag or a sealed pressure cooker.

Now, after making sure you got all of these, pour the 50ml of tap water and the 125ml of table salt into the coffee mug and stir for a minute or so, until it starts to mix. Don’t worry if the mix doesn’t homogenize.
Next, insert the coffee mug and the thermo-hygrometer into the 5L zipper bag and seal it. Then go to the pantry or other similar place and set the bag with the two items on a stand, away from sunlight and draft. Leave it there for about 10 hours and then come back to check the RH. If it shows about 75% it means the hygrometer is calibrated, if not you need to adjust it. To do that, you have to get a small screwdriver and insert it slowly in the lower hole on the back of the device to adjust the RH indicator to 75%. That’s it!

The review

Thermo-Hygrometer From BudgetGadgets - Review and Giveaway! (9)

I personally had the chance to review the thermo-hygrometer from BudgetGadgets and I will enumerate the pluses and minuses from my point of view:

1. small size of 70 x 70 x 20 mm at 22 grams which allows you to get more of these for adding one in each of your home’s rooms
2. stylish white design that looks good in any room
3. clear reading via colored characters
4. it’s perfectly calibrated according to our test
5. adjustable stand to set on a desk
6. stability while set on the desk
7. the hooking hole allows you to attach it on the wall
8. very affordable and cost effective model
9. … and all the other benefits of mechanical thermo-hygrometers

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Untitled - 16

1. doesn’t come with a matching screwdriver for adjusting the temperature and humidity readings, so in case it becomes inaccurate after one year or so, you’ll have to use your own screwdriver
2. the adjustable stand on the back requires the use of a sharp object to be inserted to take it out

One for you

Thermo-Hygrometer From BudgetGadgets - Review and Giveaway! (8)

We will give away one thermo-hygrometer like the one presented in the review images, where you can see how it looks in real, to one of you who will be randomly chosen.
It comes from BudgetGadgets, an online store from Shenzhen, China, where you can find not only this device, but various useful gadgets at the lowest prices ranging from $0.48 for a silicone iPod cases, to earphones, card readers, small home electronics, computer peripherals, and even netbooks computers that worth up to $377. That’s why it’s called BudgetGadgets. Oh, and another cool thing about it is the free shipping worldwide.

… and a coupon code

In addition to the giveaway we have a special coupon code so you can get your favorite items even for a lower price than they’re already available. Just browse BudgetGadgets, find some cool items and use the coupon code SM5OFF12 at the checkout to get 5% discount of your order. The shipping is free worldwide.

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How to win the thermo-hygrometer

To be the winner all you have to do is leave a comment telling us if you have ever had a thermo-hygrometer in your home, if you’d recommend it to friends, and why.
We’ll choose the winner on August 31 using the online randomizer at and publish his/her name after September 1.
Please leave your real email address before posting your comment as we’ll need it to contact you and ask for your name and address, in order to send you the prize.
Good luck!

The giveaway has ended! You can check the winner here.

The review is the personal opinion of Ladies’ Gadgets based on the experience with the sample product sent by Budget Gadgets, which is the only compensation we received.

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  42. Melanie Fox says:

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