The TripLit OLED Lamp

TripLit OLED Lamp (2)

Designed for portability and powered by the OLED technology, the TripLit lamp seems to be a great solution for outdoor enthusiasts. The organic light emitting diode lamp is an economic and eco-friendly solution for various activities permormed outside, providing several benefits such as it doesn’t attract bugs like regular light sources, lasts over 30 hours, charges via micro-USB, doesn’t emit UV rays, is Mercury-free, and doesn’t produce heat so it’s safe to touch it without worrying that you could burn your fingers.

TripLit by Alkilu uses a rechargeable battery, but you can also use the Alkilu portable solar panel that charges fully within 4 hours.


Dimensions (outer): 5″ x 5″ x 0.8″
Dimensions (lit area): 4″ x 4″
Luminance: 1000-3000 cd/m2 (Dimmable)
Color Temperature: 3000K
Battery Runtime: > 30 hrs
Battery Type: Li-Po Rechargeable Battery
Battery Charge Time: < 2.5 hrs Material: PC/ABS + TPE + Metal Weight: 7.5 oz. Package Includes: OLED Light Micro-USB charge cable (~3ft) USB Charger/Power adapter (110-240V) TripLit OLED Lamp (6)
TripLit OLED Lamp (1)
TripLit OLED Lamp (3)
TripLit OLED Lamp (4)
TripLit OLED Lamp (5)

You’ll be able to get the lamp for around $60 as soon as the company will make it available for purchase. Read more about it on the official website.

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  1. Oh, the lamp really looks great! I love to go camping outdoors with my family, so that lamp seems to be a must-have for us. Thank you very much for presenting the product.

    Warm wishes,

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