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The Top Vape Juice Recipes For 2021

Published by on January 13, 2021 under Ladies Accessories

One of the major advantages that vaping has over traditional cigarettes is that it allows you to customize your vaping experience. With just a few tweaks to the settings of your vape device, you can enjoy an entirely different vaping experience.

Another way that you can customize your vaping experience is by making your vape juice yourself. Simply by tweaking some existing vape juice recipes, you can create a new and more satisfying vaping experience.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the top vape juice recipes you should try in 2021.


To properly follow the vape juice recipes we are about to give you, you will first need to get hold of the correct equipment and ingredients. Don’t let the sound of “equipment” scare you because what you need is not expensive and is quite easy to come by. Rather than purchasing DIY e-liquid kits from an online store, we recommend that you find the specific equipment and base liquids you will need yourself.

Here are the things you will need when making your vape juice:

·        VG (Vegetable Glycerin) dilutant

·        Capped glass bottles

·        3 ml pipettes

·        PG (Propylene Glycol) dilutant

·        Nicotine salt or nicotine solution (optional)

·        Preferred flavor concentrates.

You will also need some beakers and a graduated cylinder, some 14-gauge blunt-tip needles, a 10 ml measuring syringe, a calculator, and some nitrile gloves. The main ingredients in these vape juice recipes are VG and PG. You can either mix them yourself or buy a premixed version online or in a local store.


Here are the top vape juice recipes that you should try in 2021:

·        GOOFY’S VAPE JUICE: The vape juice recipe is one of the best recipes under the Tobacco Vape Juice Recipe category. It is a blend of tobacco and dessert recipes and can be purchased from ePuffer. ePuffer is one of the top vape stores on the internet with an average 4.7-star rating from satisfied customers around the world. To make this recipe, you need to mix the following:  5 ml of nicotine juice that has a 50:50 PG and VG mixture at 12 mg strength with a 25ml VG dilutant and an 18.20 ml PG dilutant.

Add 0.3 ml of acetyl pyrazine 5 percent solution and 0.5ml of graham cracker flavor. You can also add about 1 ml of hazelnut and peanut butter flavor and 4 ml of RY4 double flavor.

·        DRAGON’S BLOOD VAPE JUICE: This is one of the best menthol vape juice recipes that you will ever find on the market. It is mainly known for its dragon fruit and blood orange flavors and a complex mix of other ingredients. To make this vape juice recipe, add about 5 ml of nicotine-free VG to 3.1 ml of nicotine-free PG. add about 0.5 ml blood orange flavor, about 0.08 ml sweet tangerine flavor, 0.3 ml nectarine flavor, 0.5 ml papaya flavor, and 0.1 ml lime flavor to the mix. You can now add about 0.4 ml dragon fruit flavor, 0.15 ml double apple flavor, 0.1 ml polar blast flavor, 0.1 ml menthol flavor, and 0.08 ml super sweet flavor to complete the making of this vape juice recipe.

·        MOTHER’S UNICORN MILK VAPE JUICE: This is one of the most special fruity vape juice recipes out there. To make this recipe, add about 0.9ml of nicotine juice with 50:50 VG and PG at 100 mg strength to about 14.55 ml of VG dilutant and 6.75 ml of PG dilutant.

Add about 1.20ml of Bavarian cream flavor, 1.50ml graham crust and cheesecake flavor, 3ml of ripe strawberry flavor, 1.20 ml of sweet cream flavor, and 0.9ml of vanilla custard flavor to the mix.

You can tweak the concentrations of any of the flavors in the vape juice recipes listed above to create a unique vaping experience that is perfect for you.

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