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The new Mobiado 105 Damascus

Published by on October 28, 2010 under Mobile

The new Mobiado 105 Damascus

Included in the Professional line of luxury cell phones, the new handset launched by Mobiado, the 105 Damascus, is made from hand-forged Damascus steel created based on the same technique used to make sharp and strong sword blades between 1100 and 1700 AD.

The new Mobiado 105 Damascus

105 Damascus has the back and front made from sapphire crystal, patent-pending hidden sliding battery cover mechanism, and stainless steel buttons and screws.

Internally, the unique handset features quad-band support, built-in 2MP camera with video recording, over 1GB internal memory, a 2-inch display of 16 million colors, microUSB connectivity, Bluetooth support, and music player functionality.

There is no word on price yet, but I hope it will be presented on the official site of Mobiado soon.

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